Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Q2 Finish-a-long Finale!

Yay!  I made it. Phewsh.  Luckily I finished all 3 of my projects I wanted to enter in for the finish-a-long BEFORE we moved.  For more info on the Finish-A-Long, check out Leanne's blog here.  Today I am finally linking up my finishes!  I'm so excited to be back online!

Here is the link to my original post.  I had 3 UFO's I wanted to get done. To recap, here they are in their unfinished glory. ;)
Big Top

Suck it, Cancer

Quilts Beyond Borders donation
Okay...and here they are finished!
Big Top
 I love this fabric and I think it turned out SOOOO perfect with the black stripe-y binding!!  That binding makes me swoon!

Suck it, Cancer
I love how this turned out.  I had some major dilemmas on the quilting.  I didn't want to take away from the message I was conveying with the quilt blocks.  So I did some simple straight line quilting, then I quilted flowers around the border and on the side of the header block.  When I washed it and it came out of the dryer, I heard angels singing. ;)  I love it.  The Cuzco line was perfect for this quilt too. 

Quilts Beyond Borders Donation

Quilts Beyond Borders Donation - back
This quilt has been sent off and is hopefully on its way to some kiddos in another country.  This was definitely a feel good project and I highly recommend doing one if you can. Here is the link for their website.  They highly suggested using scraps or leftover fabric.  I had these blocks made for something then ran out of fabric and a year or two later, the fabric is obviously gone.  So I had to find some coordinating fabrics. I think it turned out OK.  I like the soft cotton flannel on the back - I wanted something fun and the apples are so cute.  I really had to go out of my comfort zone on this one - the non-matchy matchy-ness gives me a stroke, but I had to follow orders. :)  And it is for a good cause so I had to tell myself to get over it. Haha.

Anyway-I am working on unpacking my sewing room.  If I had my way, that would have been the first thing to unpack, but I guess these people think the kitchen and food is more of a necessity?  Crazy people. ;)

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