Thursday, October 30, 2014

Modern Plus Baby Quilt

I've currently got 2 projects going on, simultaneously.  In waiting for my fabric to be delivered so that I could commence working on them, I decided to use some of my stash, and make a modern plus quilt.  Using my stash makes Robot Husband very happy.  :)

I backed this in some pink Wee Wander.  Love.

I have quite a bit of pink solids, but I decided to use this Raspberry bold pink one to make the pluses. It stands out quite well with the Wee Wander print.

I also used the solid for the binding. I must say, this is my first time using a solid as binding!  I love it!

Robot Child #2 asked if this quilt was going to be hung up in the hospital. :)  She's so funny.  ♥

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On the Farm

Most recently I fell in absolute love with the On the Farm line by Riley Blake.  My youngest Robot Child is obsessed with piggies, so when we saw those cute little piggies I knew I had to make it.
This one isn't for her, but I will be making her a bigger version as demanded by Robot Child #2.

I love the colors in this line too.  I decided to go with a red candy apple minky for the back.  Ooooh, it's so delicious.  I can't keep my hands off it.  I chose a polka dot red to bind it with...I'm still not quite sure it pulls everything together, kind of wishing I would have gone with the green/pink plaid print for the binding, but oh well.  Too late now!

I cross-hatch quilted it, with red thread on the bottom, cream on top.  I am in love with how the quilting turned out on the back.  Altho I immensely hate despise the mess that minky makes, I have gotten over my fear of quilting with it.  It's really quite easy and I do love the end result.
I made myself a quilt a while ago (still need to show that) and I backed it with a grey minky.  This quilt lays on my bed and I sleep with it every night....I often find myself rubbing the minky like a 3 year old.  I just need my thumb in my mouth next. Haha. It's amazing.

Quilt Stats:
Simple patchwork
Fabric - On the Farm by Riley Blake
Measures approx: 36 x 42
Backed in Candy Apple Red Minky
Cross-hatch quilted
Inspiration:  Love of piggies ;)

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I have to say...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Zombies, Spooks and Ghouls!

I finally got my Mr. Chillingsworth quilt finished!  It's crazy and a lot going on, but I LOVE him. ♥

I used the little houses pattern in Simplify to make the haunted houses.  This little girl facing the Zombie Apocalypse is my favorite. ;)

She's right above this dastardly pair...

And, for my love of Owls, here is the Owl House.  Complete with mini orange pom-poms.

This ghostly fabric was perfect for the back.  And it's so soft!  I love it too.

Well, heck, why not make some pillows too!?  I made the hexagon pillow from this tutorial.  It was fun and a great way to practice my triangle making skills (er, or lack thereof).  I echo quilted it in orange for the finishing touch.  The All Hallows' Eve black pillow was quilted too, in cross hatching.

I honestly think this years Halloween fabric selection has been the best so far!  I have loved every collection, as you can tell, I have combined a lot of them. ;)  These were so fun to make.
Halloween is my favorite holiday.  This is the first Halloween quilt (complete with throw pillows) that I've made to celebrate All Hallows' Eve!  About time!

*********Updated to add*********
I decided I didn't like Mr. Chillingsworth laying on the couch, waiting to become a potential victim of being sat upon.  So, a quick run to Target, picked up a curtain rod and voila!  I know have a Quilt wall display!  Yay!  Special thanks to Robot Husband for doing the dirty work of hanging it. ;)