Monday, July 29, 2013

Let's Pretend, Shall we?

I finished this baby up last night.  It's no lie, we all know how much I adore Sarah Jane's fabrics...ALL of them.  I recently hoarded up a bunch of fat quarters of Let's Pretend, and finally did something with them rather than staring at them on my shelf, looking all pretty. :)

The back is my favorite-the print of the marionette's are SO adorable!  Oh, those elephants! Squeal!  I love it.

I got the pattern from this book:

'Baby Floor Quilt'
It's a really super easy project, that can be done in a day.  Honest!  It is pretty small, meant to lay out on the floor for baby to lay on and look at all the pretty pictures. :)

Quilt Stats:
30.5" x 30.5"
Pattern: page 58 of Modern Designs for Classic Quilts by Kelly Biscopink and Andrea Johnson
Fabric: Sarah Jane's 'Lets Pretend'

In other news, it's so sad!!  It's the last week of our Blogger Blog Hop!  Can you believe it?  That went by so fast.   Check out our last (but not least!) posters and enjoy!
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  1. Such a cute blanket! Love that center panel x

  2. Pretty! I especially like your free motion in the space above the children - it makes me think of clouds in the sky.

  3. Oh that is super cute. I have some posy fabric that would be cute like that. It feels so good to see something made up out of fabrics you love. I sit and stare at some of mine and some how when you actually use it you break the spell it has over you and you love what you made even more. :)

  4. this is such a sweet, sweet quilt! Awesome job! I have this book and am looking forward to making a few projects within :)

  5. so cuuute! I love Sarah Jane's fabrics too. I made this shirt and blouse using SJ's fabrics:

  6. This is just SO cute - absolutely love it!!
    Hopped over to say hello after I saw this on the Better Off Thread Sew Cute Tuesday!

  7. So cute. Love Sarah Jane's fabrics. I've been hoarding a bit too, hopefully to make some clothes when my daughter is a little older and grows slower.

  8. Very cute! I don't think I'd seen that panel before (I've only seen the Children at Play panel)! That pattern was a very smart place for it. Good for you using your precious fabrics!

  9. Great little quilt. You really let the fabrics tell the story. Thank you for sharing.


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