Thursday, April 11, 2013

Q2 - Joinining in the Finish-a-long

I am joining in for the 2nd quarter of the Finish-A-Long, hosted by Leanne from She Can Quilt.
So, I have a shameful amount of UFO's that need to be finished.  Shameful I tell you.
Currently, my treadmill is so graciously holding these for a snarky reminder they need attention.
So what better chance to do that than NOW!  And a QAL to boot!  I'm in!
So, here is what I have.

Big Top
This one is basted and ready to be quilted!  Sorry for the bad photo. :)
I am loving the big star quilts. They are so easy and fun.

Suck it, Cancer
The blocks are done, just need to get sashing it, find some backing, quilt, bind etc.

Quilts Beyond Borders
I volunteered to donate two quilts to the Quilts Beyond Borders charity.  Click on the link to learn more about it!  I ran into it reading Audrey's blog and I immediately sent them an email asking if I could help.  I already have one finished quilt I plan on sending, then I remembered I had some 9 patch blocks but I had ran out of fabric and never did anything with them.  So Robot Child #1 and I headed out to the fabric store and found some coordinating prints to make more, and break it up a little bit. I am excited to be a part of something so awesome as this group and to know that my quilts will hopefully make a child somewhere around the world, happy. :)  If you can and are willing, check out their blog and sign up yourselves!  What an awesome way to use your quilty talents and help out! 

*This quilt was added late, I removed the prior triangle quilt post from Q2.  Turns out I am just using those triangles as practice - to proceed forth on the below triangle quilt.  Plus Robot Husband said it was hideous. HAHA!  The truth hurts sometimes, but it is true.  It was hideous and purely experimental. ;)

Sigh.  I REALLY love triangle quilts.  However, this one too gave me a stroke. My points don't match up in several places and it's uber noticeable and it drives me mad.  I was up all night googling tips and tricks. I've tried two different things differently and same thing.  So, we'll see.
 If you have any secrets for solving this issue, please share!  Pretty please!! 
This may need to be unpicked. Enter in Robot Child #1.  She will do it for me, begrudgingly, but she will.  Perhaps bribery will make the deal sweeter. ;)

I'm excited to get these done.  I made myself a pact that I cannot start any new projects until these are done.  And trust me, there is plenty o'fabric waiting to be worked on.

I'll post my progress on these.  Stay tuned!

Linking to Q2!

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  1. Dude, so I totally died laughing when I saw your cancer quilt. Best. Name. EVER. So appropriate!

    I love all of these lovelies, and yay for QBB! My top is done, but I need to get the backing pieced. I'm really hoping to get a second done in time, but I'm not quite sure I'll make it! Here's crossing my fingers!


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