Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woodland Friends

I forgot to blog about this one.  :(  Awww...sad.  I feel bad for little quilts that don't get their own blog post, so here we go.

This one is just a simple block quilt with lots of coordinating squares...sort of like a postage stamp quilt.

It turned out more rectangle than I would have liked, but it's ok.  I still love it.

The little deer prints and the wood grain are my favorites.

And I backed it in the woodland friends print (sorry, can't remember who this is by - but it's super cute!) and a plaid binding. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!  It went by way to fast for my liking!

I've been busy doing end of school year stuff.  I can't believe this school year is already over!!  WAY too fast.  Now, what to do to keep my kids entertained during the summer is the big question. ;)

I have lots more to share tho, I know I promised that last week, but I'm working on it, I promise!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Craftsy Free Mini Classes available!

Try a Free Mini Class at Craftsy!
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Are you looking to take your crafting to the next level, or perhaps branch out and learn a new skill, but aren't sure where to get started? Check out the Craftsy Free Classes, mini classes that allow you to sample everything from food classes to quilting (How fun would A New Look at Longarm Quilting with Mandy Leins - FREE! be?), to photography (Seriously, Learn How To Take Professional Family Portraits with Craftsy for FREE! could only help us all.) and more! Just register for your Craftsy account and get started!

Craftsy mini classes are fun and easy, and best of all, there are SEVERAL free ones and free patterns out there on Craftsy.  I've taken many and I enjoy all of the them.  I've got two projects I'm working on from classes I've done thru Craftsy.  I'll be posting my reviews on them soon!!

The classes I have done are these ones:

Twisted Irish Chain
I LOVE this Irish Chain quilt by Amy Gibson.   So fun and she has 3 different quilt patterns all included in this class. Bonus!

Magical Blocks
Anything with 'Magical' in the title sounds awesome to me!  I love the colors and all the different types of blocks in this one.  

So there you have it, I will post my quilts that I've made on these later.  If you haven't heard of Craftsy, go check it out and try a class for free!!

Or, if you've got your eye on a class, keep watching, they do go on sale a lot!  I'm cheap so if I can wait it out for a deal, I'm there!!  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hey Quilty!


It's here!!  I briefly blogged about this last week, but I'm still elated..  ;)

My Zebra Parade quilt is in the May/June issue of Quilty!
Hooray!    There are some AWESOME projects in this issue.  I hope you will check them out.  Quilty is one of my favorite magazines.  It's geared more towards the modern/traditional type quilter.  Lots of tips and tricks included and great projects from the quilting community. 

 Here's some pics of my photo shoot last year after I made this. :)

I've been busy finishing up a couple quilts, which I will post about later this week...I've been dabbling with Chenille and I love it!!  It adds great texture to a quilt. Stay tuned for that!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

It all started with one....

Warning:  Picture Overload!  

This weekend, my daughters kindergarten teacher was having her baby shower and we got invited!  We love her...I've never met such a sweet, caring, all-around awesome teacher in my life!  So, of course we were going.  I decided to make her this divided basket I saw over at Noodlehead.  I purchased the pattern and picked out the fabric I wanted a few weekends ago.  

I had already given her some bibs with this cute doggy print, when she announced she was expecting.  So, why not keep the theme the same, right?

I also made her a receiving blanket, backed with soft flannel.  And, of course, stuffed the other side with diapers.  Can't go wrong there!

It was a hit and I'm super glad.  I know it will be useful and it's cute as well. ;)

Now - before I go on, don't go thinking I whipped this up in an evening.  This took me all day last Saturday. ALL day.  With one or two coke breaks.   Here are some tips I learned along the way:

1.  Most obvious....when the pattern maker says to thoroughly read through the pattern beforehand, read through it a few times.  Maybe 5...just to be safe.
2.  Follow directions.  Don't get ahead of yourself thinking, 'oh I got this'.
3.  You should probably get all the materials needed and lay them out so you aren't running around like a crazy chicken.

So, now that we figured out this bag making biz-ness, I took the bag to my LQS to show them.  I had told them what I was making when I had bought the fabrics there, so why not show-and-tell?  They loved it.

They loved it so much, they wanted me to make a boy and girl version for the shop AND do a class on it.
Me???  Do a class??  After I just spent an ENTIRE Saturday (let's see, 8+hours I'm sure) making my first one?  SURE! Why not!!!  

Giddy with delight, I picked out the fabrics for the shops baskets.  I headed home with visions of unicorns and baby puppies running through my head.  Yah, I was elated.

So, here is Basket # 2...the girl version.  I added some pretty lace trim.

I'm in LOVE with the inside print.  It's a super bright hot pink and red print and I love it.  I bought extra.

And of course, the matching flannel receiving blanket to go with it.

Boy version - Basket # 3.  We kept the dog theme, changed it up a little and added orange.  I LOVE the orange handles.

And a houndstooth lining.  Sigh... LOVE it.

Same flannel as original.  It's Robert Kaufmann and it's really soft.  And we liked the contrast it gave to the puppy print.

So, here they are...side by side.  Ready to head over to the shop.  Squeel!!!!  What do you think?

Haha...Now, enter Basket #4.  Yesterday was Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day everyone!  I told my family I was sewing, and I wanted grilled steak for dinner.  That was my plan.  I'm not too demanding right?

I decided to do some selfish sewing and make myself one of these baskets.  I had ordered this owl fabric quite some time ago.  When I got it, I realized it was home dec fabric.  :( Sadness ensued.  However, home dec fabric is PERFECT for these baskets!!   Wahoo!  This is when fabric hoarding is very handy.

 Aren't they cute?

And you can see, the hot pink/red fabric was used gratiously on this baby.  I LOVE it.  It holds all my magazines and books at my bedside. ♥

Speaking of magazines!  Have you seen the new Quilty mag?  I'm IN IT!!!!!!!!!!  YUP!!

So the same day that I took my basket over to the quilt shop and they asked me to make them some, I came home and in my mail, was my very own copy of the magazine with MY quilt in it!!
Can you believe it??  That day was the Best.Day.Ever.  No lie.   There was lots of squealing and jumping around.

Here she is!!  My Zebra Parade quilt.  It's really fast and easy...and fun.  Check it out, won't you?  :)

Phewsh.  That was a lot.  Sorry, but I did warn you.

And...there might be some more baskets on the horizon.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Colonnade Quilt

Yay!  I'm happy to show you Logan's quilt she made with my Colonnade pattern!

She used her collection of Type fabric (by Julia Rothman fabrics).  I think it is a great line to use to showcase this pattern.  I love those typewriters.

I love it Logan!!  Thanks so much for testing the pattern and showing off your quilt!

BTW - did you know Logan is an awesome Professional Longarmer?  Look at those bubbles!!  Those are the most perfect circles I've ever seen.  If you are in need of a longarmer, check out her site - on the left hand corner she has all the details for her services. Out of towners welcome too!

Thanks again Logan!  If you make a quilt with my Colonnade pattern, send me an email and we'll show it off!

P.S.  If you want to make one too, I still have a super secret code for the pattern at $5.  Email me if you'd like the code.  It expires the end of May!  Get it while it's hot!

Blogger Blog Hop

For those of you who are interested in meeting new blogging friends, with same quilting/fabric passions as you, the New Quilt Blogger Blog hop is for you!!

I did this last year and it was SO much fun.  Meeting new peeps, far and wide and getting to know the person behind the blog.  It's a GREAT chance to get your blog out there, and also learn tips and tricks along the way!!!

Beth from Plum and June is hosting this.  Details here.

Go sign up!  ♥

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm still here!!

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it's been crazy busy here and the weather changes have thrown my migraines into fits!  Not fun.  BUT, I have been sneaking time to sew with this new baby.

 ♥ HER!!!  Lets see, a thread cutter?  Yes please.  Tell me when my bobbin is running out with a sad face on the screen?  YES please!  Automatic bobbin winder?  Oh stop. Really?  YES!

I still need to take a class to learn everything she can do, but so far, I have been having LOTS of fun.

I have a lot of projects going on together.  It's a wee bit ridiculous at this point.

Piggy quilt for youngest Robot Child.  She LOVES piggies.  She's obsessed.  It's weird but it's adorable.
So, I'm making her a quilt of piggies.  She doesn't know.  At first I was like, how am I going to make this for her, she is ALWAYS in my sewing room with me.  Needless to say, these are hanging on the wall and she said, 'Oh my goodness!  Piggy fabric??'  Yup.  And that was it.  She didn't even ask who it was for.  Haha.

And this embarrassing stack is what I need to finish.   #keepingitreal ;)
1. Uber large chevron blocks
2. Heartthrob quilt for the Library Quilt Along
3. Triangle quilt is under there somewhere
4. Block quilt is ready for binding (not pictured)

Oh, and I'm designing a new pattern.  Math stumps me on a daily basis so this has been lots of fun figuring out. (insert lots of sarcasm)

AND, my quilt should be in the next issue of Quilty coming out soon!!  I'm so excited!!  Look for me in there won't you?  ♥

Have a great weekend all!