Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Custom Out to Sea quilt #1

I've been a busy girl.  I have had 2 custom quilt orders, both with SJ's Out To Sea collection.  Now, if you know me, you can imagine the squeals that ensued when I got these requests.  I love me some SJ fabric.
This is the 1st one.  The 2nd one is still in progress....more to come later.

This is for her 2nd daughter, but her 1st daughters name is Amelia.  So how perfect we happen to have a pirate girl named Amelia. :)  So I fussy cut her and made sure she was in there.

All packaged and ready to go!

Um, I can't remember if I showed this one, but again, it's SJ fabric, with some others thrown in there.  I'm too lazy to go back and see if I have posted this one before, it's been finished for a while, but it just got it's formal photo shoot. ;)  I loved doing this big log cabin block.  It was so much fun.  Other than making sure I had enough yardage for the long size strips, it was easy.

The little girl on the elephant is my favorite.  I want to be her.  With the balloons...and maybe some cupcakes.

And...bibs.  Yup.  I have found SOOO many cute fabrics, destined to become bibs.  I love this little woodland print.  So cute.

Here is the boy set.  Little raccoons...Cute!

I love the little dogs tho.  All I need to do is put the little snaps on the boy sets.  Does anyone else hate those little snaps?  It's like 7 out of 10 actually work right.  So frustrating.  I'll keep practicing...hopefully I can get to 10 out of 10. Haha!

I have a million and a 1/2 Christmas projects I need to get started on.  Stress!!!  What are you all planning on making for Christmas gifts?  If any?  I overextend myself every year, then I am a Grinch.  Hopefully I can finish them up in good time this year.  Fingers crossed.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Bag for Grandpa

Quilted Messenger Bag

My poor sweet Grandpa has been in the hospital.  I went up to see him and we were chatting and there was this little blue flowery purse on his bed.  I asked him why Grandma had left her purse there when she went home.  He laughed and told me it was his.

No lie.  What?!?  He explained that he had been looking for a bag, that was padded to hold his tablet in so it would be protected in case he dropped it or whatever and he didn't have to hold it.  AND it was on sale for $8.00.  Well, I'm not going lie folks, I let my sick Grandpa have it.  Don't judge me, yet.

Me:  Grandpa!  This is a girls purse!
Grandpa:  But I like it.  It keeps my tablet safe.
Me:  Grandpa!  I can make you one.  A manly one, and for free!
Grandpa:  No, I'll give you some $.
Me:  Nope.  I'd PAY money to see you not wearing a girls purse anymore...thanks.  This is unacceptable!
Grandpa laughed.  We continued to laugh about it for quite some time, everyone who came in got to hear the story....but Grandpa never let go of his 'purse'.

Now, some of you might be thinking, this girl is so rude!  Here is her poor grandpa, sick and she's complaining about his bag?  Let me s'plain.  As quilters, it is our duty, our job if you will, to ensure that our loved ones have items (quilts, bags, potholders etc.) that make them happy...and that they can use in their day to day lives.  Right?

So, I left the hospital for a mission to find my Grandpa some manly fabric, so I could make him a manly bag. I don't know about you guys, but when I go to my LQS, I NEVER see fabric that screams to me, this is manly!  Um, the selection is very sparse-if any.

I knew I wanted the black cross-hatch fabric, but what to go with it?  I went back and forth on the comma print, but they looked good together, and smart!  So I bought them and went home to create.

The next day, I made it..., realized I didn't have a zipper that wasn't hot pink or purple or some other neon offending color.  Thank goodness for JoAnn's and for being so close!  I ran and got a nice lovely grey zipper.

Bag on a tree - it's like Nature's own coat rack

 My favorite part is the little tags for the hardware for the straps.  I love the little peak of commas. 

I took this bag to my Grandpa on Friday.  He loved it.  He tried it out, his tablet fit perfect, he wore it cross body style...my personal mission was complete.  It was even the same size as the original 'purse'!  I totally guessed there folks.  Phewsh.

I've never felt so much joy in giving someone something.  It totally made my day.  As I sat and visited with my G&G, I would look over and he'd be fingering the details and looking it over, back and forth.  And then he never let it go while I was there.


It was all I felt I could do.  We have to let the Dr's do their thing, and as I sat there in his hospital room, I felt completely helpless.  But I could do this.  And I know that he will use this and can take it with him to his treatments and he will know how much I love him. Always.

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