Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This weeks Blogger Hop

Welcome to this week's New Blogger's Blog Hop!

You will find some fabulous tips and inspiration on these blogs.  Check out their posts on the blog hop!

I'm moving next week, so the blog may be a little neglected. :(  Sniff.  Hopefully its smooth sailing and I'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming!  Be sure to check the main list for all the upcoming weeks posts for the blog hop as well.

In non-quilty news, I had just enough time to finish some bare wood dressers we got from IKEA.  I painted them and they will be used as His and Hers nightstands!  I love them.  Turquoise is my favorite color this year and I'm redoing our bedroom to suite it.  Figured I might as well redo our bed and everything - new house, new bedroom stuff right?  It only makes sense. ;)   I'll get some better pictures once I have everything put together.

And, because I have nothing else to report, I leave you with a Pug face to brighten your day.   Or maybe she just brightens my day - that's ok, pug mugs aren't for everyone.  She's still adorable to me. ;)


  1. I love a good pug mug! She's adorable!

  2. I love squishy puppy faces! adorable!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. Those dressers are AMAZING. Love! And sweet puggy faces! :)

  4. Dressers turned out great! I wish I had an Ikea around me :(

  5. Ohhhh...moving time! Wishing you luck - hope it all goes smoothly. (She brightens my day too - she is just too cute!).

  6. I love turquoise! Good luck in your move - Hope it goes according to plan! Mimi is sew sweet....



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