Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crayon Wallets and Stash Bags Galore!

I spent the weekend sewing (of course) and prepping for my booth at the Highland Fling.  I'm nervous that I won't have enough stuff, but Robot Husband keeps teasing me that no one is going to buy my crap anyway. :(  RUDE!  You have to know him to understand his humor...well, 11 years later and I still 2nd guess him sometimes. ;)

Even if no one buys, I'm getting  my name out there, right? 

I don't expect my quilts to sell since it's going to be 9 gillion degrees, but I did make a lot of these:

Stash Bags

Give me your 'Stache

Retro Glasses

Pretty zippers

Laminated Crayon Wallets

For boys and girls

I will be completely honest...I'm burned out already on the crayon wallets. ;)  So, I gave myself a break and did the stash bags too.  That helped.  I may be ready to do some more.  I'm just not sure how much I should make!

Here is the lineup for this weeks Blogger Blog Hop.  Do stop by and visit - you will find lovely mosaics to feed your inspirational need. :)  I promise you won't be disappointed.

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  1. These are all so cute! I hope they sell for you after you put all that work in. I think they will! :) I love the stash bags. The crayon wallets are a great idea.

  2. I think the crayon wallets are an amazing idea. So I hope you sell them all! (Wish I was going to be close enough to pick one up!)

  3. You're using so many fabrics that I love and who couldn't want to buy, they're all so cute :)

  4. They all look lovely and I would totally buy one of the little pouches - pfftt husbands!

  5. Those are awesome bags! Love the stache fabric :)


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