Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spray Starch

You know how in love I am with Best Press....well it is pricey.  As much as I love it, $8.99 for a bottle that will maybe last me through 1 1/2 quilts, hmmm.  Let me see.  I ran into this awesome post about making your own spray starch!  WTH was I thinking, uh duh.  Of course-it's only obvious someone would have ran into this, why don't I ever have these brilliant and obvious ideas?  Well, let me share....

Use 12 oz water, 3/4 tablespoon cornstarch and 3 drops lavender essential oil. Mix well in a measuring cup and pour into a spray bottle.  The cornstarch will settle, so shake before using.

Um, yah-that's pretty much easy and I have all that on hand.  Wow.  Google is amazing.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My mom's Swiss Chateau quilt is finally done!  Woohoo! Binding and all... I did it.  I'm a little proud of myself.  Not to say that this quilt doesn't come with its faults, many of them.  It has many imperfections, but so do I.  But hey, it's my first quilt.  Even Robot Husband said that its not handmade if it doesn't have imperfections. him.
That are some photos I took today in the cold, trying to dodge muddy puppy paws.  Quite entertaining I'm sure if anyone was spying.

Awww....Puppy wanting to know why she doesn't get a lovely quilt.  Hmmm, perhaps because she'd eat it.

The back. 

I'm so glad this is done and turned out and didn't fall completely to pieces in the washer.  Phewsh.  I was honestly having panic attacks the entire wash and dry process.

I have one more quilt left to finish - just need to put the binding on.  I can do it.  Right?
Is everyone ready for Christmas?  I know I am and ready for it to be over!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Okay-some of you may know about my prior binding travesty, know fondly as 'the Japan quilt that never was'.  I made this cute baby quilt to donate to Japan last year, only to destroy it with my lack of knowledge of how to appropriately bind.   Trust me, those of you who saw it can say how hideous it was.  I'd take pictures, but it's too embarrassing.  My daughter has it and she loves it and doesn't care how the binding looks.  I have to shun it every time  I see it however.

So-after much research, and reading several how-to's and even going so far as to purchase a quilting book, I think I got it....Granted I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm feeling pretty confident.   So, moving on to my Mom's quilt.  I worked on the binding last night.  The front turned out beautifully.  I was SO proud, I interrupted Robot Husband who was in the bathroom (shhhh - don't tell him I am writing this) to show him....of course he was not impressed, however he was sort of busy.  Well, last night being Tuesday, it was Legendary Sewing Circle night.  Julie and Hailey came by and we sewed.  Julie gave me excellent advise on my quilt and we both looked at each other and said, Yah, hand sewing the other side of this bad boy is NOT going to happen.  Hello.  So, Google.... How to machine bind.  I found this lovely tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts.  Um, yah - it CAN be done, and it CAN be just a cute.

I'm not done yet, but like I said, I'm feeling confident...not cocky confident, or overly confident, but just enough confidence that I don't think there will be tears or stomping or throwing of the quilts.  :)

Stay tuned... 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinwheel Tutorial

Seriously, pinwheels are EASY.  They are pretty much so easy a cavemom could do it...hence, why this Robot Mom is doing them.  They come out so crisp and clean.  I just love the way they come together.
Here is how:
Here are some key items one MUST have when quilting.  When I say must, I pretty much mean it is a must.
Get yourself some Best Press Spray will thank me.  It runs about $8.99 but it lasts a while and plus you can add a tinsy bit of water to it so it will last longer.  Get some good smelling kind like the lavender.  I wasn't a huge fan of the clean linen smell - it smelled a little 'producty' once ironed, but that's just me. :)  Okay, so you got your rotary mat (mine was a TRUE find at JoAnn's because it has owls all over the back and one on the front).  I ♥ Owls.  Okay, sorry - sidetracked...moving got your pincushion with plenty-o-pins, a nice squared ruler template and a long ruler like 3 or so inches wide.  I highly suggest getting one with a 'lip' on the end.  I had NO clue what that was for...till I found out you can hook it to the end of your rotary mat to make the ruler line up nice and straight.  Hello-genius!!

Owls! ♥ 

For Pinwheels, cut out a background fabric and a patterned fabric for the 'wheel' part both the same size.  I just used my squared ruler so I didn't have to measure (I believe it's 8x8).  Line up your background and patterned fabric together, WRONG sides together - meaning both of the front sides of the fabric are in the inside.  You can pin the square together if you desire.  Stitch around the entire block of the square, using a 1/4" seam allowance.  When quilting, always use 1/4.  It's the remember it. :) 

Once you have your square sewn all the way around, lay your ruler precisely from one corner to the other and cut.

Then do the same on the other side.

 So it looks like this (kind of like 4 cherry turnovers)...mmmm.  I'm hungry.
 Press your seams open.  I may do a post later about pressing seams open or to the side. I personally prefer to press open, it just makes it more crisp and the lines more flat.  But, it's up to you.  Apparently it's a huge debate in the sewing world, so we may address this later. ;)
 Do the same to all 4 blocks.
 Now, cut off your little triangle tails as I like to call them.  My owl likes to help.
 Now you have all the triangle tails cut, with a bunch of mini triangle babies all over.
 Now, lay down your pinwheel so it looks like this.
Don't worry about the rows not lining up straight.  Once it's all sewed, we will corner it up. 
Take the bottom row, and sew your two blocks together.  Match up your seams so they will be straight.  Repeat with the top row.  Once you have them both sewn, iron the seams again, lay them flat like the picture, then sew them together.  Iron again.  LOTS of ironing. :)
Once all rows are done, take your long ruler and trim any sides that are not straight so it is a perfect square.  Voila!  Your pinwheel is done!  Isn't that so incredibly easy?  And fun....once you find some fabric you love, you can whip these babies out in no time.  I prefer a Sunday afternoon, with a Diet Pepsi while Robot Husband watches football and the kiddies run around.  :)   Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Woah! Another sewing blog?

Yes's true. I have become 'one of those girls' who creates yet another sewing blog. But hey, if you don't like it, you don't have to read it.  But, I do hope you stick around, who knows I may have lots of randomness and perhaps I may make you giggle at least once or maybe even twice.

So, why Robot Mom?  Well, a certain someone who shall remain nameless, but I happen to be married to this individual, happens to think I am a Robot.  This is because sometimes I am monotonous, I get in my grooves and I don't like it when things do not go as planned.  I like my kitchen sink clear of dishes, dirty clothes put out of my sight please, really is that too much to ask?  I don't think so...however, this leads to being a Robot.  I have defects..that did NOT come with a manufactuers guarantee, no refunds.  Sorry hon!  But, I'm me and guess what?  I love to sew.  Besides my most favoritist thing in the whole universe, being my children, (okay, husband too), oh and the dogs, I love to sew...I love to go to the fabric store and window shop and think of all the endless possibilities.  Trust me, they are endless because I literally lie awake at night thinking of all the things I want to do!  OMG - hello!  I have 5 projects going simultaneously right now!  It's a handmade Christmas for all this year!  Woohoo!  But yah, come on - I need to set myself some extreme boundaries.  Stat..  Well, okay, maybe extreme is too harsh, perhaps minor boundaries..yah lets start there because there are some awesome deals on stuff right now.
Wink Wink.

Stay tuned!  I hope you will! :)