Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Musings

Happy Friday everyone!  We have a 3 day glorious weekend coming up and I plan on finishing my Taffy Pull quilt, and some other random projects.

Do you have weird or unusual habits you do when you sew?  Or create/craft anything?  When I sew, my feet have to be bare.  I cannot sew with shoes/slippers/flip flops on.  I just can't do it.  I used to scrapbook, which I haven't done in years, but I would clench my jaw so tight when I was done, I couldn't talk.  Um, hello-isn't scrapbooking supposed to be relaxing and rewarding?  I have no clue.  Apparently it's stressful for me.  I don't do this when I sew, only when I scrapbook.

What types of things do you do when you craft?  I'd LOVE to hear.  :)

Oh, and I got these beauties in the mail today!  Can't wait to start on some Farmers Wife blocks!!
 I'm slowly but surely building a collection of quilting books.  I've got 4 now. HAHA. ;)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Progress

Here is what I worked on last night.  Potholder!!  Woohoo!  Item, what #4 from my list?  I'm not going in any sort of order.

I didn't really LOVE the fabric, but I wanted something with a small print pattern for each strip, and bright colors.  I really love how this turned out so far though.  It's a little mezmerizing.  :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hexagons & Grace

I recently fell (back) in love with Philosophy products.  I ordered some stuff online and got a free gift!  Woohoo!  I got this delightful bag and thought I can use this for sewing stuff.  But what shall I put in there?

Well, I stopped at Joann's on Saturday and found me some pre-cut Hexagons!  Hooray!  It's on my to-do list!!  I got some template material to cut out the hexagon shape for the inside.  This bag will be perfect to hold all my hexi's while I learn how to sew them!  HA.

Here is the cute bag and lotion.  MMM.  Heavenly stuff.

I got some nifty hand sewing thread.  Once I get my templates cut after I, um, try to figure out the measuring part, they will go in here too.  It's no secret, I pretty much suck at math.  :)

Here is the other side of the bag.  It's just super cute. And handy. :)

I am excited to learn how to do these though.  It will be nice to have a hand sewing project I can take anywhere and do. 

I also found some really cute pre-cuts for pot-holders.  Oh, and a book that is A-Mazing.  With pot holder patters.  SCORE!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things I must do

I've decided to write down all the sewing things I must do:
1)  Learn Hexagons
2)  Color wheel
3)  Go to Sewing Summit in October - Woot Woot!  Anyone wanna go?
4)  Make some potholders, just cuz
5)  Spiderweb blocks
6)  Kitchen Window blocks (Elizabeth Hartman's book)
7)  Make a Wonky Star block quilt
8)  Learn free motion (Ugh)
9) Make a fussy cut quilt
10) Um, finish Robot Husband's Robot Man Quilt (LOL-do you like how he's last?)  Aww, poor guy.

Lola chilling - this is her Hey Girl pose (I know, it's becoming redundant but I can't help it)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Quilting - In one day?

Can quilting a quilt POSSIBLY be done in one day?  Why yes people...It can.  Especially, if said day is Sunday and the sun is shining and you have a nice cold beverage of your choice to accompany you.

Straight line quilting.  I have no idea how to free motion. 
Yah-it's on my to-do list of things to learn.

If you haven't got one of these bicycle clip quilt thingies, you MUST get one.
In fact, go now.  GO NOW!
They help keep your quilt under control whilst you sew.  I just recently bought them.  I quilted without them and let's just say, my quilts and I were all over the place.

This red fabric right here is why I have named this quilt "Taffy Pull".
It reminds me of my favorite cinnamon flavored taffy.  Old Skool kind. :) 

And here is my quilt, hanging out on the couch waiting for binding.
I AM washing the binding first.  It's red.  And we all know about me and red binding.
If not-please visit the Christmas quilt section.  :(  Travesty.

And, last but not least, a bunny.  She's chillin out, paitently waiting for playtime.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lil Blue Boo

Out of all the blogs I follow (or stalk), I religiously follow Ashley on Lil Blue Boo.  So much in fact, that in my mind we are BFF's...well, maybe thats the stalker part of me. ;)  She is THE strongest woman who can remain undeniably positive through all lifes challenges.  If you have not had a chance to read her blog, you must do so.  She is super crafty and has awesome ideas.  Her journals are beautiful. More recently she was diagnosed with cancer and is dedicated to kicking cancers butt.  Her cancer chronicles will amaze you how a person can remain so compeletly positive through all her trials.

Check her her blog.  I promise you it will change your life.  Ashley has changed mine by inspiring me to be more positive and courageous and a kinder, better person.  You may have noticed too that I put a button on my side bar - Team Ashley is helping to raise money for Ashley's medical bills.

I don't do stuff like this....but Ashley is truly inspiring.  I came upon her blog a few years back and she has made me laugh and cry.   I don't even know her!  Wow - what power blogs have right?

Hey Girl

If you pay any attention to Pinterest and/or sewing blogs, you may or may not have noticed all the 'Hey Girl' posters of Ryan Gosling.  I'll admit - I am clueless as to how this all came to be.  Does Ryan know that he is being teased in sewing circles nationwide?  I hope for his sake, he is unaware.  I'm really sure he doesn't want to hold anyone's knitting needles while they talk on the phone etc.

Here is Lola's version of the Hey Girl, in bunny humor:

Hey Boy,  how about we rub  noses together and share a bag of lettuce.  I'll even let you have the best leafy pieces cuz your my main squeeze.

Well, Lola-you do not know anything about boys and I think we'll keep it that way!
In other Lola news, she is still not liking her mini-quilt.  She moves it around and chews on it, then flips herself around and gives the quilt the silent treatment.  What in the world did the quilt do? 
Bunny Quilt Hater....
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A mini-quilt for a Bunny

I decided to practice my binding skills (or lack thereof) on a mini quilt for a Bunny.  It turned out pretty cute.  I got 1 out of 4 mitered corners perfect!  LOL.

I finally figured out hand sewing the back binding.  I know - this is probably a simple task for many, but I've really struggled with fact, binding is my arch-nemesis for sure.  I do enjoy the hand sewing part of it now.  It's very relaxing.

 Here is the mini quilt - pinwheel block.  Chloe is posing or resting on it.

I put the mini-quilt under her bunny castle.  She likes to go in there and dig in her 'burrow'.
You can tell by her annoyed expression, she's already not too keen on me messing with her stuff...

Sure enough, here she is kicking the quilt out.

After she accomplished booting out my sweet little mini-quilt, she made a made dash out to see her handiwork.
I put the quilt on top of the castle.  Perhaps it will make her den feel more closed in.  We'll see how long it lasts there!  :)

Silly bunny.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bunny Photo of the Day

Don't hate because I'm so beautiful.  I really can't help it.  But if  you must stroke my soft silky fur, go ahead.  If it makes you happy.