Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stupid Math & Measurements

It's no secret.  I suck at math.  I'm actually forbidden at work from doing anything that involves math or percentages. :(   So of course I shorted my fabric for the backing of my Ruby Quilt.  OF COURSE, when it was on sale, when I could have gotten it for a 'song'...I didn't get enough.  Dang it. 

Plus I'm not all that sure how I want to do the back.  Any suggestions? 

So far I have this:

Pardon the wrinkly look, but it's just hanging up on my design wall haphazardly because I got mad. :)
I normally don't go for overly floral prints, but something about the gray and red made me love this print.
So, I'm thinking of doing a big red strip along the side of these two. 
I don't know.  The binding will be the red with small white polka-dots (Swiss dot fabric).  :)

In other news, meet Lola.  She's our newest Pet.  We LOVE her.  OMG.  She is the sweetest little thing.
She'll be making random blog appearances so be on the look out.
Word is, she LOVES blogging.  Just what I heard.  ;)

Lazy Bunny
 Isn't she adorable?  You don't need to answer.  I already know.

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