Monday, January 30, 2012


Whew.  I basted this quilt on Sunday.  If you've been expecting this quilt to be done by now, you have WAY high expectations.  I'm a very slow quilter. :(

 I love my jar of giant pins.  I don't know why.  It makes me happy.
I received a new (to me) table from my new quilting friend, Lucinda.  This baby pulls out to a giant cutting table, or basting table as I used it.  Robot Husband made me a lovely ironing board that sits directly on top.  I got rid of the old ironing board, moved this in and voila.  This space is way more usable now.  Plus, no more crawling around on the floor trying to baste quilts and killing my back in the meantime.  Love it!! Thanks Lucinda!!

I hope to finish this quilt sometime soon.  I hate machine quilting and I think I've got a touch of carpal tunnel.  So, I took a 'mini-break' in hopes to get use back to my left hand.  Then I can tackle machine quilting this beauty.   I'm excited to use it.

This is Lola's Rockstar look....the kids like to fluff up her lionmane and make her look 'Punk'.  She's got a crabby look today because she hates Mondays.  ;)

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