Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Color

I think I have the Winter Blahs.  I work at home and I strategically placed my desk in front of the window, usually enjoying the sites outside.  This weather has brought nothing but gloom and muck and yuck.  BLAH.

The fabric store had a sale today.  What way to get rid of the winter blahs than to go to the fabric store and soak in some color?  I say, yes please.  I picked up some more of my beloved Ruby fabric for the back of my quilt.  Whilst I was there, I found some other fabric I have been coveting forever!

  Peacock Lane by Violet Craft
To Die For.  Right?
I'm thinking of doing some fussy cutting and wonky stars on this one.  But, I may have to keep it in my stash for a while...petting it and adoring it. :)

I also picked up some fabric to do a Swiss flag mini-quilt.  An idea I have floating around in my head.   My grandma is Swiss and is in a nursing home.  I think it would look lovely on her wall and would help brighten the room.

Here are some other things I've got on my list of things I want to try and conquer in this lifetime:
Color wheels....Oh so pretty.
Even found a dresden one...I've got dresden's on my 'to-learn' list as well. :)

Have a great weekend everyone. :)  We are getting a bunny.  I'm lonely and I need an office mate.  Tomorrow we will be going bunny supply shopping.  Hip Hip Hooray!  LOL!


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