Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Starch Review

I must retract my statement about making your own starch.  Don't do it.  It's a bad really - it leaves spots on your beautiful fabric.  I'm sure the spots will come out in the wash, but I am a little OCD and like my fabric to stay pretty while I am sewing - it makes me happy.  Save your corn starch and just fork out the dough to go buy you some starch.  Julie says you can get a big old gallon of the stuff at Walmart for like $2.97, rather than the $8.99 I fork out for the boutique kind. ;)   So this week at sewing circle, I ended up dumping out my homemade starch (it leaves spots on your beautiful fabric) and gave Julie's Walmart brand a whirl. 

Here's my review on this situation:
Cheap starch - you can use less of it, mix it with water and it does just as good.
Fancy starch  - smells better

Cheap starch - will probably last Julie until the Zombie Apocalypse (for those of you that don't know, that is a long time - plus you can probably use the starch to spray at the Zombie's in case of an emergency)
Fancy starch - one bottle lasts me one quilt in the making

Cheap starch - sold
Fancy starch - sorry...saving my money for pretty fabric

I hope this helps you in the debate of buying starch.


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