Monday, January 23, 2012


I found some amazing shelving units perfect for housing my fabric stash, out from under my desk where I have no idea what I have or don't have.  My fabric stash was all smashed into one of those Rubbermaid containers for Christmas decorations.  I had no idea what I had in there.  There is still some in there, but all the pretty useful fabric gets to go on top.  
It's now like I have a mini fabric store.  Mini. 
I also want more jars to hold pretty stuff and notions on top. :)

I also finished my first Swiss flag.  We fought, this flag and I.  It's not perfect.  As you can see, the left side is wonky/ripply, but i still like it.  I will make a bigger version of this mini-flag for my Grams.

Happy Monday - It's finally snowing...sort of. :)

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