Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey Girl

If you pay any attention to Pinterest and/or sewing blogs, you may or may not have noticed all the 'Hey Girl' posters of Ryan Gosling.  I'll admit - I am clueless as to how this all came to be.  Does Ryan know that he is being teased in sewing circles nationwide?  I hope for his sake, he is unaware.  I'm really sure he doesn't want to hold anyone's knitting needles while they talk on the phone etc.

Here is Lola's version of the Hey Girl, in bunny humor:

Hey Boy,  how about we rub  noses together and share a bag of lettuce.  I'll even let you have the best leafy pieces cuz your my main squeeze.

Well, Lola-you do not know anything about boys and I think we'll keep it that way!
In other Lola news, she is still not liking her mini-quilt.  She moves it around and chews on it, then flips herself around and gives the quilt the silent treatment.  What in the world did the quilt do? 
Bunny Quilt Hater....
Happy Friday!


  1. Bahaha. I love that you have a bunny. What is next, Miss Kimb? Yes. Kimb.

  2. Thanks Heather, but it's becoming a little bit retarded - me that is. ;) I love 'Kimb'. It's hipster.
    Um, I think we are good with just the bunny addition to our zoo for now. ;)


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