Monday, February 13, 2012

Hexagons & Grace

I recently fell (back) in love with Philosophy products.  I ordered some stuff online and got a free gift!  Woohoo!  I got this delightful bag and thought I can use this for sewing stuff.  But what shall I put in there?

Well, I stopped at Joann's on Saturday and found me some pre-cut Hexagons!  Hooray!  It's on my to-do list!!  I got some template material to cut out the hexagon shape for the inside.  This bag will be perfect to hold all my hexi's while I learn how to sew them!  HA.

Here is the cute bag and lotion.  MMM.  Heavenly stuff.

I got some nifty hand sewing thread.  Once I get my templates cut after I, um, try to figure out the measuring part, they will go in here too.  It's no secret, I pretty much suck at math.  :)

Here is the other side of the bag.  It's just super cute. And handy. :)

I am excited to learn how to do these though.  It will be nice to have a hand sewing project I can take anywhere and do. 

I also found some really cute pre-cuts for pot-holders.  Oh, and a book that is A-Mazing.  With pot holder patters.  SCORE!

Happy Monday!

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