Monday, March 31, 2014

Picture Pie Foxies

After I finished my Modern Foxy quilt and put it in the shop, I had a customer ask for the same quilt pattern, but with the Picture Pie foxes and scribbles.  I squealed with delight and jumped right in.  I LOVE these cute little baby foxes.  I just want to squish them!  But I didn't.  I held back.

She wanted the orange scribbles for the background, and the grey scribbles for the border.   She is doing the nursery for her soon-to-be baby arriving soon, in the Picture Pie line and foxes.  So sweet!!

And we did the tiny orange houndstooth for the back.

All washed up and crinkly.  Best.Part.Ever

What do you think?  I hope she loves it. :)  And I hope the new little baby arriving soon will love it too.

Foxes are the new owls.  Right? ;)


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! What a lucky baby. I can't wait to get my hands on some Picture Pie soon too :-)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Foxes on foxes? It's (almost) too much! I love it! Great job! (

  3. Super cute! And foxes are totally the new owls :)

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  5. I always love your quilts! So lucky to get this order :)

  6. This is a gorgeous finish, Kimberley. Please email me back. Urgent.


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