Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Modern Foxy Chevron - TLPQA

This is my first completed quilt from the Library Quilt Along.  See my original post here.   It is my 6th item on my list and probably the easiest one. Haha. ;)

Modern Foxy Chevron

Chevron & On Kit
Photo courtesy of Quilty
#6 was the 'Chevron and On' from Quilty's Spring 2013 issue.  I love this quilt.   I decided to do extra large blocks..which I absolutely love doing larger scaled blocks.  It's so fast and fun.  I do think I will make another one, in the smaller version. 

I had originally ordered this Les Amis bundle quite some time ago, with this quilt in mind.  I love those foxes. LOVE THEM!  Speaking of foxes, stay tuned - I have a stuffed fox family surprise coming soon. :)

Also, thanks to everyone who gave their vote on whether this should have a border or not.  Definitely love it without the border.

Debating on the fabric for the back, I went with a teensy houndstooth print and an orange stripey binding, of course.

I also went totally outside of my comfort zone and did the solid orange, rather than white.  And I love it!
Straight lined quilting.  Simple.

How funny is this?  So my BIL had his newest automobile adventure delivered today.  He really REALLY loves to fix up cars.   I told Robot Child#3, while we were taking pictures, this quilt matches Uncle Bob's new van!  She giggled and said it does!  I said, let's go take a picture of the quilt with the van.  She said, okay but do you think Uncle Bob will get mad?  Of course not.  It is a perfect match and yah, we looked like weirdos but come on.... It couldn't have been more meant-to-be. Right?

Here's my list in simplified version:
1.  Heartthrob - Pattern by Lella Boutique. 
2.  Giggles - Pattern by Jaybird Quilts.  
3.  Cub Crawl baby quilt by Fat Quarterly.  Up Next!
4.  Flying Geese quilt from Modern Designs for Classic Quilts. 
5.  Math Facts - from the Quilty Winter 2012 issue.  
6.  Chevron and On - from the Quilty Spring 2013 issue.   Done!

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Have a great week!
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  1. love the orange, foxes, and large scale. An excellent finish!

  2. Is the triangle quilt on this list?? Love the quilt and the photo with the van. How perfect!!

  3. Love the orange. It looks great. And the photos with the van are wonderful!

  4. Orange is my favourite colour - this quilt is fabulous!!! The oversized blocks are a great design twist, they make it fun and powerful. The VW pic opp was far to good to pass up - love it!!!

  5. This turned out awesome! I love that you went with the orange and that houndstooth is perfect!

  6. This is a wonderful finish. Oh thanks for sharing this one -- I think it would be a great use up for a spare charm pack. I am thinking this would be a good quilt for our guild to do for a chairty quilt as well.

  7. Love it! Those foxes are so cute. I remember this pattern in the magazine, great quilt. The car and the quilt were meant to be:)

  8. Nice! Very striking with the orange background.

  9. Your foxy chevron quilt is sew sweet! I love it! Brought to you by the colour orange... You are too funny!

  10. LOVE it! orange is such a happy color, and I'm glad you used it instead of white. I like making big blocks too- they come together so quickly! (that pic in the van is perfect!!)

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. So kind of your brother in law to buy a matching vehicle for your photo shoot.

    I love your fabric choices.

  12. Love this quilt. Love how the post is brought to us by the color Orange- Heather
    PS sorry I am a crappy friend, so behind on your blog!

  13. This is excellent! The boys in my family would love it. Orange is a popular favourite colour in our house.


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