Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Sewing

Thanksgiving weekend I holed myself up in the sewing room and made a bunch of crap Holiday stuff.  :)

I LOVE this panel from Winter's Lane, by Kate and Birdie Paper Co.   I first saw it at my LQS and someone had asked the lady if they had more.  She said they sold out the first week it was brought in.  Of course this happens to all panels, so my question is, why then wouldn't the LQS buy extra? for thought.  I found mine on Etsy, which happens to be my most reliable place to find exactly the fabric I'm looking for.  Thanks fellow Etsy-ians!  ♥

Don't look to close at the sewing, but this is my favorite one.  Little bunnies wishing you all a Happy Christmas.  ♥

Super easy... I just cut out the 'cards', fused them with interfacing and placed them wrong sides together. Sewed them up, flipped them inside out and top stitched.  Then I braved my local JoAnn's on the Saturday after Black Friday (shudder) and picked up the pom pom's.  I love them.  So fun.

The panel comes with a pillow top in this lovely white pine print.  I ordered extra of the red bird print (sorry didn't get a picture) for the back.  My pillow form is a wee bit too big, but once it is loved and squished for a while, I think it will fit nicely.  Right now it's kinda bulgy.  Of course the next size down was way too small.

Moving on....Hot Pads!  Oh my.  I used Nana & Co's adorable tutorial for the pretty little hot pads.   These were super fun to make, until we get to the bias binding...then not so much.  Really?  Bias binding, why do you suck so bad?

I bought the mint green bias stripes from the Scrumptious line, cut on the bias they are no longer bias striped. Haha!  Didn't even think about that when I was planning this.  Oh well...and as you can see, some of them I cut the stripes are going long wise, which I didn't even notice until now.  :(  Oh well.

Do you ever plan on making/crafting out your holiday gifts, make a crap-ton of them, get SOOO sick of making them you vow never to make them again?  No?  Just me?  Well, I probably won't make these hot pads again, as adorable as they are, I really can't handle the bias binding.

Next we have some matching towels.  The little red deers get me EVERY time.  ♥  So sweet.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, if your iron gets too close to the pom-poms they will melt.  :(  Then you will have to make another unfortunate trip back to JoAnn's to get some iron cleaner.   Sigh.

The Nutcrackers are also fun.  I did one ruffled, one with pom poms.  Which do you like the best?

Then I got tired of making ruffles and pom poms, so this one has a simple ribbon trim.  Equally effective I think.

I had quite the assembly line going, which you have to when you are doing multiple items I think.  I love the quilting on them.

What is on your Christmas to-do?

I have quite a list ahead of me still.
1.  Christmas quilt commissioned to make for my friend's mom
2.  Quilt for SIL (who I'm pretty sure doesn't read my blog, here's hoping)
3.  Quilt for Dad's family
4.  Pam Kitty Morning quilt for Robot Child #1  - This one I have had in the back of my mind for like 3 years.  Haha-I bought the kitty print panel years back, with the plan to make it for her.  She loves kitties. Never happened.  I probably should get on that.   Poor girl.

I hope I can get this all done.....Phewsh.  At least I got those hot pads over with.  ;)

Stay warm!! 


  1. All of your sewing projects are wonderful! I love making Christmasy stuff for our home and for friends. I think you did a great job on all of it. I don't know if I like the pom-poms or the ruffle better, they are both very sweet.

  2. Oh my goodness I am completely in love with everything you have made! Wow you've been productive!! I'll be checking out that tutorial at some point too, thank you for sharing it!

  3. So many lovely makes! Aside from the unfortunate trips to JoAnn's it sounds like the perfect weekend!!!! I particularly love the deer-trimmed towels x

  4. Loving the potholders. I saw Amy's tutorial and wanted to make some as well. Seriously, you can't go wrong with pom pons in my opinion. Looks like you were super busy making gifts. I totally get the I've made so many of these, I never want to make them again thinking. Been there! Look forward to checking out more of your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine today and introducing yourself/commenting. Good luck with the rest of your holiday gifts!

    Stacy @

  5. Those hot pads are so freaking adorable!

  6. I love your Christmas crap, errr sewing! Seriously, I'm impressed with how much you got done. I just purchased a stack of Christmas fabric on ridiculous clearance at Joann's, to go with my already large stack of LQS Christmas fabric. I am hoping to make a couple of table runners/centerpieces, and maybe a pillow or two. By Christmas I have two quilts to finish, one about 1/3 of the way there, and the other only cut out at this point. I also have two to quilt and bind. If it makes you feel any better, the two WIPs are four years old! Sigh, can I use the birth of our third four years ago as my excuse?! Happy Holidays!


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