Monday, December 16, 2013

Geese...and a pillow

Geese and a confession.
I am terrified of birds.  But I love Owls.  Yah, I doesn't make ANY sense to anyone, including myself.  However, the fact remains that I am still terrified of birds.  Give credit to Hitch's 'The Birds', or that one time that one black bird came into my apartment through the fireplace and proceeded to terrorize me and my poor Shih-Tzu Daisy (who nonetheless hid under the bed)...or just the fact that they are nasty and creepy.  Oh and that they might peck your eyes out if made angry.

Okay - off my tangent about birds.  We have a lovely field in our backyard, across the giant ravine that sits below us.  In the summer we watch the farmers plow it and bundle up hay or whatever it is they are doing in amazement when it is 101 outside.  We've seen families of deer passing by.   In the winter, apparently there is a community/cluster/gaggle? of Canadian Geese that live here.  Yes...they aren't just stopping by, on their way South for the winter.  They've made permanent residence.  It started as about 10 or so, then they all moved in a week or so later.  They are very rude neighbors, honking at all hours of the night.  And there are LOT of them.  However I can't help but find myself bewildered in watching them.  They appear to take flying 'breaks'. Well, that's what I'm calling remember, I'm no bird expert as I'm terrified of birds.  But they are rather interesting.  One will announce it's time to fly - they will all honk and fly around the field, around our houses and then settle on the opposing field.  Then, some time goes by and they will get up and just fly back over to the first field.  Picky geese...

But still, as I'm doing the dishes or walking by the window, I find myself studying them.  And the dogs like to bark at keep quiet.  They don't listen.  It's okay, we can adapt to them.  As Robot Husband finally said after my many questions about geese, they've been coming here for years and years.  Get used to them. We are invading their space.  Okay okay.  ;)  Just don't peck my eyes okay geese?  Deal.

A Pillow.

Thanks to The Sewing Chick for her awesome Noel patchwork pillow tutorial.  I made mine over the weekend and want to make more!  Time hoping to allow.... I, um, might have overextended myself since I have 3 quilts to get done by Christmas Eve.  Here's hoping! ;)

My first time appliqueing, it is hard to get it just perfect, but if you take your time, it's achievable and not that frustrating as I thought it would be. ;)

Here's hoping a happy, safe holiday season to you all!!  Honk Honk!  From the geese too. Ugh... 

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  1. Your view is amazing - what mountains are you looking at there??? I totally get it about the geese, sometimes (I live in Canada) they take over the local elementary school fields and it is NOT pretty. The fields are literally teeming with them and they are not a clean sort! Makes it very difficult for the children to play! Yuck! Good luck with your 3 quilts - your pillow is lovely!

  2. AW just think of the geese as a big hello from me :) And try raw edge applique for your next pillow, much less finicky!

  3. You are not alone- I am absolutely terrified of birds (except penguins, I guess because they don't fly...)! And yes, it was Hitch and his birds that did it to me as well. I got locked in the basement while that movie was on when I was little and it scarred me for life. Naturally, my husband thinks it's hysterical. It's gotten a a bit better as I've gotten older..but nut much. And I adore your pillow- super cute!

  4. You're pillow turned out cute! Like the bright colors. Good luck getting those 3 quilts done!

  5. I love that pillow and the fabric you used is fabulous!


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