Monday, December 30, 2013

December Finishes!

All I can say is, phewsh!  I'm glad that's over!  Haha.  Thank you all for your sweet comments on my Holiday ranting post.  I am much better now.  I had last week off of work, got to spend time with family and had lots of fun.  Sorry for my rantings and ravings.  Deep breath.  We are all good now. ;)

After all, it's all about the kids right?  These kids of mine made everything worth it.  ♥   The Pug too. ;)

Moving on.  I was feverishly working to complete 3 quilts for Christmas.  2 out of 3 actually got finished.  #3 is still in the works.

My friend wanted a photo collage quilt for her mom.  This was fun to make, but the photo fabric is terribly fragile and temperamental.  You can't use spray starch or get it wet at all...the print runs and makes a horrible mess.  Trust me, I learned from experience.  My poor friend ended up running out to my house on two separate occasions to bring me new pictures.  Ugh.  BUT, we finished it and I love how it turned out.  And I heard her mom loves it too.  Look at all those adorable kids!!

This one was for my SIL, who has said on a few occasions, When am I ever going to get a quilt from you??
Nuff said.

I LOVE how this turned out.  I used the Joel Dewberry Aviary line and they play so well together.  It was so much fun to make...and EASY.

It was a little hard to make this as my SIL and her family came into town for the holidays and was staying with us.  I was up a few late nights, desperately trying to finish this before she peeked in and saw.  Luckily it was kept secret!  :)

My 3rd quilt is also the Aviary line, but the purple collection for my Dad and Step mom.  I'm hoping to finish this soon.  I've done snowball blocks on that one.  They are fun to make as was my first time making them.

I'd like to do a post soon of all my 2013 finishes.  Coming soon.  Hopefully. ;)

Happy New Year!   ♥


  1. First - a photo quilt? How divine!
    Second - Love the quilt - the big blocks and little blocks are perfect for the fabric line. Also - the backing is lovely!

  2. Oooooh. Love the Aviary. I have made quilts with both colour ways (Weeeell, if I am being honest - one quilt and one quilt top that I was desperately disappointed in and COULD NOT bring myself to finish, nothing to do with the gorgeous fabric though). I totally here ya on the secret sewing - I sewed like a crazy woman with my door closed for a few days before xmas too. Totally worth it when you see their face as they see their very own quilt...

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  4. Great job on your finishes. I too didn't get everything done, but almost, and honestly, that has to count for something. I hope those you quilted for truly appreciate your gift. Looking forward to seeing quilt #3 when it's complete. Happy New Year!

  5. Totally love that Aviary Quilt!


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