Thursday, May 3, 2012

McCall's amateur quilt contest

I entered my Taffy Pull quilt in the McCall's amateur quilters contest about a month or so ago. They just opened up the voting. I'm so excited, I doubt I will win, but hey my quilt is out there. I added a widget on the right hand side for the voting. If you are just stopping by, will you vote for me? A little self-esteem does a lady good! And a big thank you FOR stopping by!! I took some time during my healing/recovery for some sewing. I finished the quilt top for the girl Poky Little Puppy. I also did some more granny squares out of my Pam Kitty Morning fabric. It's a little ruh-diculous at this point, if I could cover my house in Pam Kitty fabric, I would. I don't think the hubs would like it much. But that's his problem. :) I'll post some pictures later. Hugs!

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