Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A most dear friend of mine, requested my Modern Foxy quilt.  She had been stalking watching it on Etsy and once she got her new home, she decided it was meant to be hers!  Of course I agreed!  Now, every Modern Foxy quilt needs a matching pillow. Right?  Especially a house warming pillow!

So, I pulled out my remnants of foxy fabric (sniff) and made this cute little pillow with some Essex linen...this stuff is SO dreamy.  Like sewing with butter, on a cloud, a cloud of butter floating on soft minky covered unicorns.  Sorry... but really, it's DELICIOUS.

I am now out of the foxy fabric...and I love it so much!  BUT, I am glad it went to a new home.  And my dear friend has sent me pictures of both the adopted quilt and pillow in their new home.  :)

Also, since I have talked about my quilt ladder, but never showed it, here it is!  We are mostly finally sort-of settled in our new home.  It's been QUITE a process and very exhausting.  We've moved twice in a year and I'm here to say, NEVER again!  ;) Moving sucks.

I stole took this ladder from my grandparents farm property.  After my grandma passed away, the family decided to sell all the property.  It was a very hard decision to make, I'm sure, and I tear up every time I think about it.  I made the unfortunate decision this past weekend to drive by.  Everything is torn down, bull dozed and everything is gone.  Century year old trees, memories, history. All gone, making way for a new subdivision.  So, when I look at this ladder, it makes me happy to know that besides my memories, I have a little piece of history.  My grandpa owned a lot of property, with a milking barn, cows, horses, chickens, lots of stuff.  My aunt thinks that perhaps either my great-grandpa or even my grandpa may have made this ladder.  I love it and I will never part with it.

So, I promise I am still here....the blog has been neglected, but I am alive!

I'm working on a few things at the moment:
A surprise quilt
A Suck-it Cancer quilt
Triangle Brambleberry quilt

I will be back!  :)

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  1. Little foxy is adorable - always such a good feeling when our makes go to loving homes! I know what you mean about keepsakes - thank goodness for that ladder. So sad to to drive by old loved memories and see them replaced with new - I prefer old myself and have a had time acclimatizing to new - I am very nostalgic for all things from my childhood.

  2. Your ladder looks like it may have gone up into the loft of the barn :) It is very sad, the removing of old landmarks, much less, loved places :( But your foxy pillow is adorable!!!!

  3. What an adorable pillow and great memories for the ladder (and so wonderful you saved it).

  4. The pillow looks great with the quilt. perfect together.
    And your quilt ladder is a wonderful memory of family days gone by.


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