Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oh Boy!

What's this?  Another post 2x in a week?  It's a miracle!  ;)
Yes, well, I have been busy making things...1 of which I am happy to have actually finished last night!  I made this sweet little baby boy quilt, which was very fun and easy to put together.

I purchased a FQ bundle from the Fabric Shoppe.  I used every bit of it!  I love that.  No waste. What's more, no scraps to go into my overflowing scrap buckets. ;)

I have a hard time picking out fabrics for boy quilts, and I was ashamed to realize I have 1 boy quilt offered in my shop.  ONE!  Being a mom to only girls, it is 100x easier for me to pick out girlie things.  Thankfully, there are bundles put together for me that I don't really have to think about it. ;)
I LOVE the little elephants and the cute little planes.  I mimicked the planes flight pattern in my quilting.

Quilt stats:
Oh Boy fabric from Riley Blake

Pattern adapted from this book:

Sweet & Simple Patchwork Gifts
I made my blocks bigger. :)

Size: 37.5 x 47

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  1. Adorable! Love the airplane loop-de-loops. The colours are so soft and relaxing, perfect for keeping a baby boy all snuggled up!

  2. What a lovely babyquilt. I love that fabrics. Congrats with the finish!
    Love from Amsterdam

  3. Lovely fabrics. A great little quilt.

  4. Such a cute quilt, love those fabrics! I love the challenge of making boy quilts, as there certainly are less fabrics out there. You've done a fab job :-)

  5. What a cute finish - love the teal! I only have a boy and for whatever reason its still easier for me to pick out girly stuff than fabrics for boys. Strange but true...


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