Monday, June 2, 2014

School's out and Summer is IN!

I've been a busy mama bee to get end of school year stuff done.  I made these notebooks for the kids teachers.  I did a cheesy theme of 'bees' because this fabric was too cute.  I didn't get pictures of the notes we made, but it said:
'You are the bee's knees!  Thanks for keeping us buzzing with knowledge!'
See, cheesy right??  But still cute I think. ;)  Robot Child #1 said it was lame. Hahaha!  Oh kids....

Updated to add:
I forgot to add the tutorial I have been using for these notebook covers!  I feel so bad!! I'm happy to give credit to those whom I use their ideas and tutorials!!  Egads...I am just forgetful.
I used this tutorial from Riley Blake.  It is super easy.  Go make one!  You'll see. ;)

We have a tradition in my house for the end of school year.  I get a bunch of little things for the girls to keep them occupied during's the Summer Activity  Basket!  Now, I realize the items stuffed in these baskets are only going to keep them occupied for a short amount of time...but the girls did really well in school and they deserve a little bit of fun.

Robot Child #1 loves Paris, even tho she's never been, but as a little(r) one she loved reading Fancy Nancy, so I think that's where this comes from. ;)  SO, when I saw this Paris fabric, I had to use it of course!  I've now made 7 of these baskets....they are super addicting.

She also wanted a notebook cover since I made my first one a while back, so I made her one to match, with a little Paris heart detail. ;)

Sorry for the Instagram pictures - I was in a hurry to get it all done before school got out and of course, my camera battery died.  GRRR.
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Here they are all filled up with goodies and stuff to do.  Paper dolls, activity books, drawing pads, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, bubbles.....oh my.  I hope this stuff lasts a while. ;)

Robot Child #2 loves Piggies.  Piggies are her favorite thing in the world.  Piggies make her smile and that makes me smile. :)

To say they were happy and ecstatic is an understatement!!  They loved their baskets and goodies. :)  They have played happily and content...and now I have spent hours cutting out paper dolls. What was I thinking?

To leave you, here is a pug picture.  :)  We got a bike trailer, well Robot Child #2 calls it her 'carriage'. She's a little bit of a princess if you haven't guessed.  So we put Mimi in there to go on a bike ride with us.
Don't let Mimi's face-of-sheer-terror fool you.  She loved it...well mostly. ;)

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  1. Lucky've given me an idea. My daughter also loves Paris even though she's never been, it was after 'Monster in Paris'! Mimi is just too cute :)

  2. Love, love, love your notebook covers.

  3. I love your summer activity basket idea. My daughter is too old now, but I will share I your idea with my friends!

  4. Love those baskets! They are fabulous.

  5. Are these baskets from the Noodlehead pattern? So cute!

  6. super cute! plus, a little cheese never hurt anybody!!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. The covered journals are great gifts for the teachers. And I like the idea of a basket of activities to keep the kiddlies occupied. Have fun!

  8. Love the baskets, what a great idea filling it with activities.

  9. Where do you find the pattern for the basket?

  10. Hi Taiqi - you are a no reply blogger so I can't email you back. But the pattern is here:


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