Monday, June 23, 2014

Be sure to come back on Wednesday!!


Exciting things are coming ahead!

I'm starting a new series once a month (for now) on Wednesdays called.....ready for it??
'What I made with...'  Wednesdays!

Here's my thought process.  I have two new sponsors on the blog.  I am SOOOOOO excited.  Beyond excited actually.  I've got moonbeams and unicorns running through my head. Yah, it's that exciting people.

I am an Etsian and I am proud to purchase my fabrics on Etsy.  I have a few favorite shops on Etsy that I frequent and I'd like to give them a shout out, so this is what Wednesday's are going to be about. Supporting your Etsy shops!  Need a certain line of fabric that your LQS doesn't carry?  Look no further!  Order online in the comfort of your jammies with your Coke or favorite beverage and let the shop and the mailman do all the work!  Plus, I'm not going to lie, I get giddy when I get a package in the mail.  Even if I paid for it, it's not really a present but it sure feels like it because it's wrapped up all pretty and they know how to take care of your precious fabric.

SO, this Wednesday, be sure to tune in for our first in the series.  Alice from Fresh Modern Fabrics has an EPIC giveaway....  want  a hint?  Think FQ bundle.  Yup...FQ bundle people!  Are you going to come back?  I sure hope so!  ;)

In other sewing news, my whale quilt just needs the binding on it.  UGH - those whales are so adorable!!! More on that coming soon.  I've also made the daunting decision to make my Robot Children a fabric dollhouse.  Um, not sure what I was thinking, but Robot Child #2 has made it her job to make sure it gets done.  Last night after working on the dollhouse ALL day, I went to bed - she came in and said, 'Why aren't you upstairs sewing on the dollhouse?  Hmmm??'  
I've created a Robot monster.

Come back on Wednesday!!


  1. "Robot monster" - ha! I LOVE to buy fabric on Etsy, too; sometimes these little shops just have the best deals! And yes, yes, yes! to packages coming in the mail. Especially if there's fabric inside. FQ bundle giveaway, you say? I'll be back on Wednesday, for sure! (And congrats to you! This is exciting news.)

  2. haha your robot monster sounds like my son lol. Every time I am sewing he comes up to me and says :oh mom is that for me? it is so beautiful" lol


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