Monday, June 16, 2014

Picnic Worthy Patchwork

I recently bought up some Country Girls fabric and mixed in a little bit of April Showers.  Just because.
The two play nice together.  I was able to make up 2 patchwork baby quilts using my FQ's I got and some blue Lakehouse polka-dot print.  YUMMY.

Before I got my Babylock, I was sewing on a Brother Innovis.  This was my 'transitioning' machine.  She worked really well, for what I needed, until I wanted to go big time.  Haha - well big time in my mind.
My Brother (Penelope) did not enjoy straight line quilting.  She would cause puckers everywhere and this would give me major anxiety...which led to me hating straight line quilting.  Interestingly enough, she relished in the stipple.

I have been getting to know my Babylock, whom I have lovingly named Betty, after Betty Draper in Mad Men.  I named her after I saw Betty sitting at her kitchen table sewing one night with a cocktail by her side. This fits me perfectly, so Betty she is! ;)  That is where my similarities with Betty Draper end.  Moving on...

As I have been getting to know Betty, she LOVES to straight line quilt. NO Puckers!  NONE!  It's amazing. I read somewhere that your walking foot could be to tight, thus causing the puckers.  I never tried to fix it on my Brother, because at that point I was just annoyed and threw in the towel.  Well, I can happily say, I have retrieved the towel and am back to doing SLQ!

I quilted around the border, then cross-hatched the inside.  I ♥ cross-hatching.

This one I used the green duck walk print from Country Girls for the outer borders.  Aren't they so sweet?

And I echoed the patchwork lines.

These quilts are ready for a picnic!  Let's go!

What about you?  What is your favorite thing your sewing machine does, and one not so favorite thing that you wish you could change on it?

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  1. Those lines do play nicely together! cute!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Wow, those collections work really well together! I wouldn't have noticed they were different if you hadn't have mentioned it (even though I am familiar with both) -- that's just how great they look!!

    Sometimes it really is the machine that's the problem and not you -- I used to have a dinky little machine that just wouldn't do what I wanted so I upgraded to an older Janome. I think it's helped my quilting a lot more now that I have the room to spread and grow with it!

  3. Ah what cute quilts! I made one in a very similar design, with borders and quilting just the other day! Great work, as always :-) PS Love Mad Men too :-))

  4. They are both looking lovely. So great to hear that your machine is behaving. The quilting is lovely!

  5. What a great combo of fabric lines! Love it. I still haven't cut into my country girls...need more time! It is so cute though:)

  6. these are too cute! I love that beautiful green with all of the primary colors!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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