Monday, April 14, 2014

More Picture Pie & Weekend sewing

It was a pretty productive weekend of sewing here.  I took some days off work to play with the kids whilst they were out on Spring Break.  We had some fun at the park, playing with puppies, sleepovers...sigh. I'm exhausted.

BUT, I did manage to get a LOT of sewing done.  I have 3 quilts done, 2 just need the binding done on them.  :)

Remember the Picture Pie Foxes I did for a customer?  Well, she's having a little baby boy (who actually should have arrived by now) and she wanted another Picture pie quilt as a play mat for him to lay on.  She wanted it extra poufy and soft.  And this one is raccoons rather than foxes. :)  SO cute!  I love how it turned out.  Especially with the black/white stripey binding (my favorite).

I used two layers of batting, for the extra poufyness (real quilting terms here people).  It was kind of a pain to quilt through, but I managed and it washed up nice and poufy!   Love it!  I hope she does too.

Next up, I made a journal cover for my sweet neighbor.  This was really fun to make.  I used this tutorial from Riley Blake's website.  This was really easy, fun and a quick gift for someone special if you need one.

It's nice and springy isn't it?  ♥  I hope she likes it.  I still need to take it to her....ugh, I'm such a slacker!

I'll be back to post my other quilts I've nearly finished.  I locked myself in my room catching up on the Walking Dead (still have the last episode to watch so don't tell me!) and Game of Thrones!  Yay-so glad GOT is back on!  Woohoo!

Also, my pattern is doing really great!!  I'm amazed at the well wishes I've received and people interested in my pattern.  Remember, it's 20% off now until the end of April!  I may be doing a giveaway later on too... so stay tuned!

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  1. I've had those fabrics for months and haven't done anything with them yet. I love your quilt design, looks fab :D

  2. Picture Pie is so cute! I bought some of the squiggle print because I thought they'd make cute basics. The striped binding looks really well with the quilt; I find it makes the raccoons really stand out, matching with its tail :)

    Yay for GoT and Walking Dead! :D

  3. I can't believe how productive you were on Spring Break. When my kids are home I get nothing done :( I love the giant star and really ned to make the one I have planned

  4. Wow, you got a lot done! I know what you mean about thicker batting being a struggle to quilt, but the play mat is adorable!

  5. Love the playmat quilt, so sweet! I can't play catch up with Walking Dead, I have to watch it straight away I cant hold back. My parents record a bunch of them and then sit down for a marathon and its soo annoying as I cant talk to them about whats happened, arghhhhh. Gotta love it, best show on tv. Enjoy!

  6. Love the quilt! So adorable. :-)


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