Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mimi Announces the Winner! And everyone gets a deal!

Hello Human Friends!  Mimi here.  My mama said I must choose a winner for some pattern giveaway nonsense she is doing.  I don't know, all I know is if there are cheerios involved, I'll do whatever silly things most normal dogs don't do.  And besides, I am a very fair and impartial Pug.

The numbers were cut up and put in this glass bowl.  I was a little bit afraid of the bowl, don't ask why, I have my reasons.  I did spy some cheerios in the bottom, so I snouted around until I found one and I picked up one of these number things while I was at it.

Mama says this is number 4.  Congratulations WonderlandbyAlyce!  You won! We would really like to see your quilt you make with my mama's pattern!  Please share it!  We will be emailing you the pattern Alyce!

She said:
I really like this pattern. It looks simple and is a great way to display large, medium and small scale prints, all at the same time. I think I might use my Glimma layer cake to make it. Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh dear....I need a manicure.   Please don't pay attention to those unsightly nails of mine.  ;)

 For everyone else who commented, we would love to see all the awesome suggestions you had to make this quilt come to life!  Email my mama and get a secret special discount code for the pattern - for $5!
Woah, that's a steal...are we sure we want to do that?
Wait, what do I care, I'm just a pug.  And that will buy me my very own box of Cheerios for sure!

So go on! What are you waiting for?  Email my mama at kimberlyprows@yahoo(dot)com and get your own special top secret code.  Just for you awesome quilters who took the time to comment!  And again, we'd love to see your quilts so please share!!

(Oh the things I do for my mama-please don't tell your dogs, I don't want it to get around that I'm a pansy)

Pug Hugs!
♥ Mimi McMuffin


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