Thursday, September 12, 2013

To Grandmothers House we go...

To Grandmothers House We Go
I think I mentioned that Robot Child #1 named this quilt.  She likes to assist in the name process.  And the name for this one is very fitting!

I finally finished this one...this time I used an 80/20 batting, and although I normally don't stray from my go-to batting choice of Warm & Natural, I do like how this turned out...a little bit poofy and extra cozy.  I love it.

I ♥ those big dots!
I think fall is officially here!!  Or I'm hopeful anyway.  We've had severe weather warnings twice now and the rain has been crazy.  Robot Husband nearly lost his brand-spankin new BBQ as I watched it blow across the deck.  I've never seen him run so fast!  Luckily he caught it before it plummeted to its death down the stairs. ;)  Phewsh..Nice save husband!

Today looks to be another stormy day.  I am LOVING it!  I like summer (like is a broad statement here folks), but I love rain and the fall.  The heat this year was a killer.  I'm looking forward to snuggles under quilts, sweater weather, warm drinks and Halloween!  Yay!

Note the slight poofy-ness?  ♥  I straight line quilted it, this time I was able to use the squares as my landmarks, resulting in near perfect straight lines. ;)  Unlike the Ginorma-churn quilt mentioned earlier.  Oh well.

I'm nearly to 100 followers on Bloglovin.  I'm thinking when I hit that 100 mark, I'll do a giveaway!  Sound fun?  I think so.  Stay tuned friends!


  1. I follow your blog via live bookmarks/rss feed or whatever it's called, but just added you to bloglovin too. Gotta get to 100!

  2. This turned out super cute! I'm glad that someone is getting fall weather. It's been muggy and hot here but not nice with cloudy skies and rain :(

  3. Yay for the Robot child who likes to name quilts - she does a really great job!!! I wish I had someone on my team who wanted to help out in that dept. I am all, "Star Quilt" and "Scrappy Quilt" over here. I must add that I *love* the backing you chose for that quilt - it is absolutely perfect and really really FUN, with those big polka dots. I do love a dot for a backing.


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