Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On the Farm

On the Farm
 On the farm there are horses....


Moo Cows....



And lambs.

Isn't this fabric so adorable?  I love it.  Even Robot Husband said it was cute. ;)

I finished up this cute baby farm animal quilt.  It's fresh out of the dryer...nice and soft and crinkly.

The back might be my favorite part.  Well, that and the piggies.  We like piggies over here.

Something about that little lamb in the trailer, the tractors and the little apple on the stump.  SO cute.

The blog got an update. You may have noticed.  I spent the majority of Friday working on centering the header.  Blogger is NOT my friend. Ever.  I cursed the computer several times.  Oh well.  It's going to have to be this way. I give up. ;)

I'm almost to 100 friends on Bloglovin!!   4 more and I'll be there, and we'll do a giveaway!  

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  1. This is freaking adorable! And I struggled a long time with header centering as well. Not sure I ever really figured it out {shrugs}

  2. This is so cute!! Those prints are adorable!

  3. I love that Oink-A-Doodle Moo, too! Great job with the quilt. And, yes, the new look on the blog is SEW-WEET! Congrats on both, Bloglovin' buddy!

  4. That quilt is adorable! And I definitely noticed the new look - it looks great!

  5. I noticed the header first thing. Good job on that.

  6. That quilt is so cute and my son loves it too.

  7. This is so cute :) My son would love this barn animal fabric.

  8. So cute with all those animals. Beautiful back too! I love this quilt. Gorgeous quilt.
    Love from Amsterdam.

  9. its adorable! Love how it turned out :)


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