Monday, September 9, 2013



Yesterday I decided I was going to make a Giant Churn Dash quilt, entirely out of my selvages.  I ♥ me some selvages.   When I saw  Ella's Cottage make one, I knew I had to dive right in. :)  Be sure to check hers out, she also gave tips on how to make it!

I used everything I had in my stash.  People, let me tell you that this is a first for me!  I usually have a project in mind, but have to buy stuff for it.  Yes, yes, I have tons of delicious goodies in my stash, but I like to match my goodies with projects.  And if the perfect project doesn't come along for that fabric, it's held in limbo until said perfect project arises. ;)

Instagram pic of my selvage stash
As you can see, I hoard collect selvages.  I love them. Especially the cute and unique ones.  Well, who am I kidding...if it has a selvage, I keep it.

I went out of my comfort zone and tried not to be too fussy on which selvages I chose.  I just grabbed what fit.  I used parchment paper for my template, because these blocks are biggies.  Parchment paper worked really well to sew the selvages on.

I straight line quilted, rather organically.  Didn't want it to be too fussy.  As you can see, my lines aren't straight in most spots, so ahem, we call this 'organic' line quilting. ;)

I used some backing fabric I had for another project that didn't turn out.  Ooops...oh well, at least this backing didn't go to waste.

 And, my all time favorite - the black and white stripe-y binding.  ♥!

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  1. It turned out fantastic! I love the mustache selvage!! I just watched Angela Walter's talk for QuiltCon and she said that she whenever she tries to quilt straight lines they end up curvy so she only quilts curvy lines now :) Consider yourself in good company!

  2. I totally love it!

  3. love the selvages!! and, no judgment here on the organic straight lines. I think all of my straight line quilting is organic, haha!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Organic line quilting is the best! No need for perfection. :) What is the finished size of your quilt? It's really cute!

  5. Love it! I recently made a giant churn dash quilt too, just need to figure out the quilting on it. I like your straight lines though, maybe I will give that a tray! Great job!

  6. I love this! I am also a sucker for black and white stripe binding. It looks perfect here.

  7. Great use of selvedges, it looks really cute. I like organic line quilting too :)


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