Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April showers bring April Finishes!

Okay, okay - cheesy title...I got nothin' else.  BUT, I do have some quilts that are finished and TWO of them are for Q2!  Woohoo!  The last one is ALMOST done.  My quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders is done, I just need to whip up the label.  Pictures to come...

Big Top

 Big Top is finished.  I LOVE the circus theme of this one and the prints I found are so adorable.  And NO clowns!  YAY!  Even better...no one likes clowns.  (Sorry if you actually do like clowns, and if so, why?)  ;)

Hello-isn't this the perfect binding?  I think so. Very circus-y.  It also sort-of reminds me of Beetlejuice. Haha.
Tickets Please!

Next up, we have 'Tickets Please'.  That's right ladies and gents.  Come one come all!  
  I love this one.  I'm quite the fan of the Tw3nty Thr3e line.  
Obviously, this is my 2nd quilt and I've got more planned to use with it!
 This was a super fun quilt to make.  I had one charm pack and matching jelly roll. It was way easy.  I got my inspiration from Aneela Hoey's pattern, Comic Strip.
I even have a TON left over from my jelly roll. Yay!

Gratuitous Binding Shot

Suck it, Cancer

Last, but NOT least, my Suck it Cancer quilt top is done.  I ran out of fabric and need to order more and it'll be done!  Hopefully in time for the end of Q2!  Yay!
This one was made with the Cuzco line...I find it very soothing and comforting, the blend of purples and light greens and blues, with a SPLASH of pink so it's not too subdued.  It's perfect...and I love it.

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  1. Very cute finishes!!

  2. I love the Circus prints, and you're right, no-one likes clowns! And you made a quilt with Tw3nty Thr3e aswell! I'm so jealous, as I don't have either of these in my stash yet! Great finishes :o) Visiting from Lets Get Acquainted.

  3. Beautiful quilts - the Circus one is so bright and colourful and I love the fabrics in the "Tickets please" quilt. Thanks for linking up this week.

  4. Beautiful quilts - I love the circus fabric - I agree clowns are creepy! I also ended up making a Giant Star quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders. I love this pattern - it comes together so quickly. Yours looks amazing - the star really fits into the circus theme really well, unlike mine which is just fabric in a pattern. Anyway - love all the quilts and glad you're also sending a couple quilts over to charity!

  5. Well done, two finishes, I am envious of your success, I'll have to try harder this month. :)

  6. Oh my gosh! These quilts are so pretty! I'm laughing so hard at the clown comment "and if so, why?". I am indifferent on clowns. I don't care either way. I can see the creepyness, but it doesn't affect me like others.

  7. So lovely. The cosmo Cricket is fantastic...

  8. Love your "comic strip" quilt. It is such a great use of the fabric.

  9. Your circus and ticket quilts are adorable!! I love the fabric choices!

  10. I love the stripey binding!

  11. All the quilts are terrific, but I really like "Big Top" lovely finishes!

  12. Just wanted to stop by one more time to say that I nominated you for a Liebster Award - I know these little awards are kind of silly, but they can be fun! I love reading your blog every time you post and your make such super cute and fun things that I just wanted to spread the word. Here is my post about the Liebster: http://goosiesmom.blogspot.com/2013/05/goosies-momaccepts.html


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