Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How do YOU bind your quilts?

Just a random post today on binding.
How do you bind your quilts?  Do you machine quilt both sides or handstitch the back?
I personally am a handstitch-er.  I used to LOATHE binding, until I figured out to do it.  Now it is my favorite part. I love being able to sit and catch up on my shows and bind a quilt...or just sit and bind in peace and quiet - which is rare!  It's very soothing and relaxing.  Sometimes I wish I could hoard a bunch of quilts that are needing binding to be done when I'm extra stressed or need some down time. ;)
But, I can never leave a quilt un-done.  I have a LOT of UFO's mind you, but no quilts all completed waiting for binding.  Oh well. Haha.

One thing I learned about binding, that you may already know... if not, here is a tip.
I zig-zag the edges after I machine stitch the binding on.  I stay really close to the edge and just do small zig-zags to prevent all those loose threads from coming out through the binding after it's washed and loved for a while.  This cleans it up a little and keeps everything orderly.

Do you have any tips on binding that you never skip?
Share them!  I'd love to hear.

My Baby Vintage Star quilt is almost done.  I'll be relaxing later today finishing up the binding.
CAN'T wait.


  1. I wouldn't do a seam smaller than 1/4".
    I have some quilts that need binding.

  2. I agree that hand stitching the binding looks the best, Kimberly. And I, too, find it relaxing and a thing of pride. But when you have sew many other quilts waiting in your head.... It is nice to get the binding finished in minutes rather than days.


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