Monday, August 27, 2012

Rainbow quilt is done! Oh, and a Mourning Dove

Isn't it purdy?
I love love love how this turned out.
I did not realize how forgiving Hourglasses are to make...the points line up perfect and it looks like I am a super pro at quilting.  HAHAHAHAHA.

I straight-line quilted this baby.

I found this vintage-y yellow flower fabric for the back and border. I wanted it to be the same nostalgic print, but not be overwhelming.  Robot Child #1 called the binding, Apricot dots. :)

We have a mama Mourning dove in our tree.  She has two little babies.  She sits on top of them.  I guess to keep them protected or warm, whatever...That's what Robot Husband said.  I think it's to keep them quiet...I wish I could sit on my kids sometimes.  Haha.  JK.  Sitting on children is no laughing matter, unless you are a which case it is perfectly acceptable.
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  1. It IS purdy! So, so purdy! I love it!

  2. This is beautiful! I want to make an hour glass and a rainbow quilt and here you combined them- Great idea. Your dove is sweet and love that birch tree - used to have one and miss it!


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