Monday, August 20, 2012

Quilting inspiration from the Farmers Market

This weekend I took the family out to the library....well, okay-let's be honest here.  I had a plan to go to the fabric store, which happens to be next door to the library, which the children and Robot Husband had been wanting to go to.  It was a win win situation for everyone involved.  :)  When I got done with my fabric shopping, I walked back over to the library and surprised my husband, who apparently thought I would be there for hours, buried under fabric.  I knew what I wanted needed.  I think he was just entranced in the DVD selection.  Anyway, we checked out our books, Robot Child #1 was uber excited to get her very own library card.  Since I forgot mine, she got to check out my 6 or so quilting books.  They had an awesome selection! 
On our way back to the car, my husband noticed a bunch of quilts hanging out at the Farmers Market that was happening.  Of course we had to check them out.  There were some lovely quilts out.  The one above was my favorite.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of the back, it was equally colorful, bright and entertaining, plus I love the modern look of it.

**Pardon my pictures - It was impromptu, had to use the phone. :( Lame, I know.

This one had some beautiful FMQ done.

This one was AMAZING.  The quilter had used a different color thread to quilt in each section, so the back (which was the dark blue color) showed each vibrant color, outlining the elephant.  I loved this and would have probably stolen it and made a run for it, if there wasn't a woman sitting there watching my every move.
No, I'm kidding...I don't steal quilts.  Yet....

Agh!  Cherries....I love this one too.  The fabric, the pattern...all of it.

And pink stars.  Love.  Plus this had some amazing FMQ to it too.

I didn't know quilts were displayed at Farmers Markets.  Well, at least they are at this one? 
Who knows, but I apparently need to go to more of them.

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