Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow! And a plea for your local Snowplow driver

I was sewing up a lovely little quilt last night - with beautiful pinks, oranges and yellows.  Reminiscent of summer.  Then, I looked outside.  The wind was howling and I kept hearing ice crystals hit my sewing window.  Hmmm.  The hubby called (he is a snow plow operator) and said the roads were clear were he was.  It was a MESS at our house.  People were getting stuck left and right, my poor neighbor attempted to go out and plow out our circle, only to have his snow plow fall off his truck.  I watched this storm ensue well  into the middle of the night.  It was quite the storm.  I guess Mother Nature is making up for all the snow she DIDN'T send us in the appropriate snow periods??  Humpf.

Now, on to the 'plea'.  My husband plows snow for a living.  Yes, he chose that profession.  We have several discussions after his 14-15 hour shifts about how he nearly escaped being killed by people driving stupid on the freeway.  Yes-the snow plows are GIGANTIC, but they can still get hurt, more tho-end up hurting drivers.  So, please-if you are driving on the freeway (or Bangerter!)  don't attempt to pass and cut off your local snowplow driver.  The wing plows alone on the snow plow weighs as much as a compact car.  Passing them could be super dangerous especially if you can't see the wing blades.  Plus could you imagine them having to slam on their breaks because someone cut them off, then the pile up that could happen?

I don't know how they drive those things to begin with.  There are about 400 buttons, 13 different gears, plus it's ginormous.  My girls and I got to sit in his truck one day.  It was super intimidating.  So because I love my husband and need him to come home every day after working 15 hour shifts, please please give some love to your fellow snow plow driver.  They are people too and have families and they are doing a service to the community - so you can go to work in the morning, get your latte from Starbucks and arrive safely to your destinations.

Thank you!
Snowy Hugs!  ;)

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