Monday, May 12, 2014

It all started with one....

Warning:  Picture Overload!  

This weekend, my daughters kindergarten teacher was having her baby shower and we got invited!  We love her...I've never met such a sweet, caring, all-around awesome teacher in my life!  So, of course we were going.  I decided to make her this divided basket I saw over at Noodlehead.  I purchased the pattern and picked out the fabric I wanted a few weekends ago.  

I had already given her some bibs with this cute doggy print, when she announced she was expecting.  So, why not keep the theme the same, right?

I also made her a receiving blanket, backed with soft flannel.  And, of course, stuffed the other side with diapers.  Can't go wrong there!

It was a hit and I'm super glad.  I know it will be useful and it's cute as well. ;)

Now - before I go on, don't go thinking I whipped this up in an evening.  This took me all day last Saturday. ALL day.  With one or two coke breaks.   Here are some tips I learned along the way:

1.  Most obvious....when the pattern maker says to thoroughly read through the pattern beforehand, read through it a few times.  Maybe 5...just to be safe.
2.  Follow directions.  Don't get ahead of yourself thinking, 'oh I got this'.
3.  You should probably get all the materials needed and lay them out so you aren't running around like a crazy chicken.

So, now that we figured out this bag making biz-ness, I took the bag to my LQS to show them.  I had told them what I was making when I had bought the fabrics there, so why not show-and-tell?  They loved it.

They loved it so much, they wanted me to make a boy and girl version for the shop AND do a class on it.
Me???  Do a class??  After I just spent an ENTIRE Saturday (let's see, 8+hours I'm sure) making my first one?  SURE! Why not!!!  

Giddy with delight, I picked out the fabrics for the shops baskets.  I headed home with visions of unicorns and baby puppies running through my head.  Yah, I was elated.

So, here is Basket # 2...the girl version.  I added some pretty lace trim.

I'm in LOVE with the inside print.  It's a super bright hot pink and red print and I love it.  I bought extra.

And of course, the matching flannel receiving blanket to go with it.

Boy version - Basket # 3.  We kept the dog theme, changed it up a little and added orange.  I LOVE the orange handles.

And a houndstooth lining.  Sigh... LOVE it.

Same flannel as original.  It's Robert Kaufmann and it's really soft.  And we liked the contrast it gave to the puppy print.

So, here they are...side by side.  Ready to head over to the shop.  Squeel!!!!  What do you think?

Haha...Now, enter Basket #4.  Yesterday was Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day everyone!  I told my family I was sewing, and I wanted grilled steak for dinner.  That was my plan.  I'm not too demanding right?

I decided to do some selfish sewing and make myself one of these baskets.  I had ordered this owl fabric quite some time ago.  When I got it, I realized it was home dec fabric.  :( Sadness ensued.  However, home dec fabric is PERFECT for these baskets!!   Wahoo!  This is when fabric hoarding is very handy.

 Aren't they cute?

And you can see, the hot pink/red fabric was used gratiously on this baby.  I LOVE it.  It holds all my magazines and books at my bedside. ♥

Speaking of magazines!  Have you seen the new Quilty mag?  I'm IN IT!!!!!!!!!!  YUP!!

So the same day that I took my basket over to the quilt shop and they asked me to make them some, I came home and in my mail, was my very own copy of the magazine with MY quilt in it!!
Can you believe it??  That day was the Best.Day.Ever.  No lie.   There was lots of squealing and jumping around.

Here she is!!  My Zebra Parade quilt.  It's really fast and easy...and fun.  Check it out, won't you?  :)

Phewsh.  That was a lot.  Sorry, but I did warn you.

And...there might be some more baskets on the horizon.

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  1. That's super cool. All your baskets came out great!

  2. Love your baskets and that owl print! Have fun teaching the class. I have been eying that Noodlehead pattern for a long time, and still haven't purchased it yet. Maybe this summer....Congrats on the magazine! I need to subscribe. In the meantime, I will go pick up a copy.

  3. Congrats on being in Quilty! I can't wait for my copy to arrive. And I love the Noodlehead baskets. You're so brave!

  4. You go girl! I love these. I want to make a divided basket. Congrats!

  5. well done you :-) Love those baskets - still on my 'to try' list! And your quilt looks fantastic :-)

  6. Gorgeous baskets! I really like the girl version. Congratulations for the teaching job!

  7. Those are great! I just tried and posted about these baskets too - love how they come out. Congrats on the Quilty nod - that magazine is awesome!

  8. Congrats on your quilty feature! That is so awesome!!!!! I really love those baskets as well, they turned out great!

  9. What a compliment! Making samples and a class at your quilt shop. Good for you!

  10. I LOVE your baskets!! And the pink one is my absolute favourite!! I have the pattern and I've been meaning to make on for...years...if only I could come to your class and get some tips!! And well done on the pattern in the magazine, it looks awesome x

  11. Love the baskets. Great fabric combinations!

  12. The bags are great and I can see why the shop wanted you to make some samples. The fabrics are great. Good luck with the classes, too.
    Big congratulations on having Zebra Parade in the magazine. I loved this quilt when you posted it on your blog and I can remember asking you if you would design a pattern for it. So pleased to see this. Now I will just have to hunt for the magazine here in Australia. Very exciting. Can't wait to get hold of it.
    (Can you tell me how big it ended up being?)

  13. Hi!!!! Congrats!!!! Beautiful bags!!!! Love all the baby quilts and Zebra Parade!!!!! I love the owl fabric too!!!!


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