Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Photo Shoots & Patterns

Attempting a photo shoot in the winter, when it's dark, gloomy and windy sucks.  However, we had a moment of sunshine yesterday so I finally got some pictures taken of this quilt I made for my SIL.  When I asked her if I could borrow it, you'd think I had just told her I was planning on kidnapping a puppy. Although, that thought has occurred to me once or twice.  Never mind.

Moving on.  I am writing a pattern for this quilt.  It is a SUPER easy pattern.  It is beginner - friendly,  fast and easy to make when you need a quick gift.  Like, let's say you wait until two weeks until Christmas to make a handful of quilts for people as gifts...yah it's that fast.    It's great for showcasing larger print fabrics, or just your favorite prints.

Writing patterns is tough.  I've spent probably about 15 hours of my life on this pattern.  Just writing it.  The quilt took me maybe 3 hours to make.   So, I salute you quilt pattern writers and makers.  High five.

I have this going to some pattern testers.  I am hopeful it goes smoothly and I can post this soon!


  1. Totally understand the frustration that comes from trying to get good photos in windy winter weather. Let's just say, I've said my fair share of swear words to mother nature :) :) Good luck with the pattern. Looking forward to seeing it all come together. P.S. this post cracked me up more than a few times.

  2. : ) I have a gift or two I need to whip up this month! I get the winter photo shoot dilemma, as I have a quilt photo to submit today, and it is gray outside. Beautiful quilt, love your fabric choices!

  3. I am very excited about the idea of a pattern for this quilt. Good luck with the writing. And I am frustrated that I had to wait this long to leave you a comment - problems with some computer programs.

  4. This quilt looks lovely, can't wait to see the pattern! :)


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