Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Largest Quilt I've Ever Done!

Custom Sarah Jane Patchwork Quilt

Are you all tired of seeing my Lets Pretend Sarah Jane projects??  Sorry!  But here is yet another one!

I had a client request a twin size quilt for her daughter made out of Sarah Jane fabrics.  I had already been hoarding collecting this line of fabrics for some time, so this was an easy and happy request for me!  She wanted it simple, patchwork and in Lets Pretend.  I got started and the thought of doing a twin size, made me a teensy bit nervous, but I figured it couldn't be all THAT bad...right?  It's only a twin.

Well, it wasn't too bad.  Basting it was an all nighter and as we all hate basting, this was true ten fold.  UGH. After basting it, I had to take a break and calm myself for the quilting portion.  After calming down, I decided to buy some 505.  I've heard so many of you fellow quilters rave about it.  How could it be any different than the basting spray I get from JoAnn's?  Well friends....it is.  My spray from JoAnn's does the job, but I still pin the quilts because I'm not too confident that with the moving and thrusting the quilt under the machine, that it will stay basted.  Oh, and there is the clogged nozzle issue that happens EVERY time. This wasn't the case with Mr. 505.  Wow.  Pricey, yes.  Pins needed?  Nope.  You heard me...and this is a LARGE twin size.  After measuring the final dimensions on this quilt, it is on the larger size of even qualifying for a Twin, based on Google results.  Oh well. ;)  I'm sure it will be loved all the same.  So, yes - I will be buying more 505.  I bought a small can and um, used it nearly all for this quilt. Haha!  But hey, no pins ma!

Can you see the puppies in the background?   They were mildly confused as to why a quilt was on the grass and they weren't romping on it.

The back

My client had specifics for the back.  She is getting a blue bedroom set to go in her daughter's room and she'll be painting the walls grey.  Making a quilt back this large took some creativity however.   I did have just enough fabric tho.  Phewsh!

The marionette print is my favorite.  After making this, and not wanting to give it away, I decided I had better make me one...or the kids one...or two, oh great we need three of them!  ;)

Princess Crown Binding, what else?

Quilt Stats:
ALL fabric used is from Sarah Jane's, Lets Pretend.  Have I mentioned I need SJ's autograph? ;)
67 x 91 (large twin size - borderline Queen?)
Crosshatch quilting produced the softest, quilty delicious effect that I was going for. :)

Now that this is done, she wants a pillow sham to go with it.  I will be doing that tonight - you can find me in my sewing room. ♥

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  1. Umm... LOVE me some Sarah Jane and loving THIS quilt! Great fabric doesn't often need more than a simple patchwork, right????

    Great Job!

  2. I love Sarah Jane's prints, you made lovely quilt!

  3. That is adorable fabric! Simple is great for this line! Too fun.

  4. Love this quilt - I've not really taken that much notice of this Sarah Jane range, but now I want me some!

  5. Gorgeous quilt love the backing fabric too! Stopping by from Quilt Story! Thanks for sharing. Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  6. Great job! I haven't made it past crib sized yet (and barely that).

  7. Love it! The pillow is great too.

  8. That is lovely, there is so much to look at in the fabric that it doesn't need a fancy pattern. Now, where can I get a girl to make a quilt for?

  9. Basting spray is my best friend and pinning my enemy! I always use spray from JoAnn's and never have a problem but will look into the 505 per your recommendation! The quilt came out great!

  10. I just love your quilt! it is ADORABLE!
    I love basting spray! I used to use 505 but since both quilt shops within an hours drive have closed I can only get Joanns spray - but it seems to work ok.
    xo jan


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