Monday, August 26, 2013

Quilty Photo Shoots

Plum and June

The lovely and talented Beth from Plum and June is hosting a photography workshop for all to link up to and learn about weird camera terms like, ISO, apertures and a bunch of numbers.   And/or, if you are an expert, post tips for people like myself!!  I know nada, zip, zilch about photography.  This is my very sad attempt at a photo shoot, with all my favorite quilty items as my subject matter.  That being said, please don't judge me.   Oh, and I have nothing to offer tip-wise, just pictures of my favorite things. ;)

Ehem.  Here we go.

Inside sewing room with natural light
I have a Canon Powershot A3100.   That's about all I know about my camera, besides being able to 'point and click'.  Inside my sewing room, I have a lovely window that brings in just the right amount of sunlight.
Sarah Jane fabrics, of course
I finally got my hands on the robin egg blue Olfa rotary cutter.  LOVE IT.

Yummy selvage

Here is where it gets dicey for me.  I do my best pictures outside.  It's easier for me to take halfway decent pictures being out.  I tried to take different pictures in different rooms, but they didn't pan out so well, so we eliminated those. ;)

Moving outdoors, Petunia and I found better light.

Little Red quilt - just needs the binding done

My outside pictures look better, no?

As a side note, Petunia needed a friend.  I bought a pattern from Melly and Me over the weekend.
I picked Kiki the cat to make for Robot Child #1.  Sigh.  I attempted this last night and it was disastrous. Sewing in those 'paw bases' has me baffled.  Has anyone attempted, or succeeded with this pattern?  Any tips?

I made Petunia a few years ago for my Robot Baby-Child #2.  I have since lost the pattern and realized upon Googling this morning that it, too, was a Melly and Me pattern.  HA!  How funny.  If I could manage Petunia with that skirt and sleeves, I think I can handle this cat.  Darn that cat. ;)

Anyway-this was my sorry attempt at taking photos.  Thanks for sticking with it through the end.  Check out Plum and June's Workshop linky party for better pleasing-to-the-eye photo visuals.  ;)


  1. Nothing wrong with your photos. they look great. I take a lot of my quilt photos outside for better light, hopefully when it's cloudy, so there aren't harsh shadows. And I try to set up interesting compositions, too.

  2. I reallly really really like the middle shot of Petunia - upclose and angled like that - looks great!!! On another note - I must get me one of those robin's egg blue olfa cutters - love the yellow/blue combo.

  3. First of all, how cute is Petunia!!! I think your indoor photos look good - especially the colors.

  4. Pshaw, your indoor photos look great! I love that top one, with the Splash cutter (I want one of those SO BAD), the fabric, and the thread. The ric-rack on the spool is a sweet touch to the photo. I find that a really appealing composition!

  5. Your pictures look great but I couldn't help but be more interested in what you were taking pictures of. I love Petunia and am going to try to track down that pattern. I love Melly and Me. I love the quilt and your fabrics too.

  6. Your pictures look beautiful. You're lucky to have a bright window in your sewing room, but outside usually works best. I always take my quilts out into the yard, I just wish I had a more interesting yard. It's like, here's a palm tree and here's another palm tree and here's a patch of dead grass, oh and here's the neighbor's air conditioner...

  7. Photos are great! Natural light is best. That is nice lighting in your craft room. Hopefully we can figure that kitty out. She is cute!

  8. Photos are great! Natural light is best. That is nice lighting in your craft room. Hopefully we can figure that kitty out. She is cute!


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