Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mug Rug

I needed a break from my other projects.

My coffee mug was desperately needing a new coaster.
Every time I picked up my drink, it would come with the coaster, which would then fall to my keyboard
or other working surface and splatter condensation everywhere.
It was annoying me.

I collect selvages from fabric.  I love them.  Don't ask why.
I don't know.  BUT, what a perfect project for them.
I took my favorite ones and paper pieced them.
It was just really simple, nothing fancy.  I didn't even get fancy or worry to much about the quilting,
as you can see on the back of the picture above.
I love that dictionary print fabric and I can't find anymore of it! 
Anyone know where to get some?  It's from Moda.
Sorry - went off on a tangent.
Anyway-my little owl mug is very happy on it's new mug rug.


  1. Oh, this is adorable - great use for selvedges!!

  2. you finally found use for it woo hoo. its so cute


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