Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday WIP

Drumroll please....Okay, well perhaps we aren't QUITE ready for a drumroll.  My first ever Dresden plate!  It's ALMOST done!  I just have 3 more corners to finish the quilting on and then I can bind this puppy!  I'm loving it.  I had a lot of inspiration on Flickr, ugh-my new obsession.  Great for inspiration, but what a time killer!  I need to stop seriously.

SO, I can now mark off Dresden plates off my list of things to learn....which was posted here:
I've decided to write down all the sewing things I must do:
1) Learn Hexagons
2)  Color wheel
3)  Go to Sewing Summit in October - Woot Woot!  Anyone wanna go?  Um, we are crossing this off because it was like $350 to go...and it sold out in a mere minutes, IF I had $350 just lying around to begin with.  Sad...I know.4)  Make some potholders, just cuz
5)  Spiderweb blocks
6)  Kitchen Window blocks (Elizabeth Hartman's book)
7)  Make a Wonky Star block quilt  - Mostly done...Kristy got assigned the other half. ;)
8)  Learn free motion (Ugh)  YAY!  Did it!
9) Make a fussy cut quilt
10) Um, finish Robot Husband's Robot Man Quilt (LOL-do you like how he's last?)  Aww, poor guy.

In other news, I keep thinking today is Thursday, or Friday...not sure but in my world, it's definately NOT Wednesday.  Sigh.  Oh well...perhaps I'm too excited for this weekend.  RobotHusband is taking me to see Wrath of the Titans.  EEEEK!  I'm so excited.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, then shame on you.  Shame shame.  ;)
How is everyone?  What are you working on?  DO tell!


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