Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My mom's Swiss Chateau quilt is finally done!  Woohoo! Binding and all... I did it.  I'm a little proud of myself.  Not to say that this quilt doesn't come with its faults, many of them.  It has many imperfections, but so do I.  But hey, it's my first quilt.  Even Robot Husband said that its not handmade if it doesn't have imperfections.  Awww...love him.
That said...here are some photos I took today in the cold, trying to dodge muddy puppy paws.  Quite entertaining I'm sure if anyone was spying.

Awww....Puppy wanting to know why she doesn't get a lovely quilt.  Hmmm, perhaps because she'd eat it.

The back. 

I'm so glad this is done and turned out and didn't fall completely to pieces in the washer.  Phewsh.  I was honestly having panic attacks the entire wash and dry process.

I have one more quilt left to finish - just need to put the binding on.  I can do it.  Right?
Is everyone ready for Christmas?  I know I am and ready for it to be over!


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