Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Okay-some of you may know about my prior binding travesty, know fondly as 'the Japan quilt that never was'.  I made this cute baby quilt to donate to Japan last year, only to destroy it with my lack of knowledge of how to appropriately bind.   Trust me, those of you who saw it can say how hideous it was.  I'd take pictures, but it's too embarrassing.  My daughter has it and she loves it and doesn't care how the binding looks.  I have to shun it every time  I see it however.

So-after much research, and reading several how-to's and even going so far as to purchase a quilting book, I think I got it....Granted I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm feeling pretty confident.   So, moving on to my Mom's quilt.  I worked on the binding last night.  The front turned out beautifully.  I was SO proud, I interrupted Robot Husband who was in the bathroom (shhhh - don't tell him I am writing this) to show him....of course he was not impressed, however he was sort of busy.  Well, last night being Tuesday, it was Legendary Sewing Circle night.  Julie and Hailey came by and we sewed.  Julie gave me excellent advise on my quilt and we both looked at each other and said, Yah, hand sewing the other side of this bad boy is NOT going to happen.  Hello.  So, Google.... How to machine bind.  I found this lovely tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts.  Um, yah - it CAN be done, and it CAN be just a cute.

I'm not done yet, but like I said, I'm feeling confident...not cocky confident, or overly confident, but just enough confidence that I don't think there will be tears or stomping or throwing of the quilts.  :)

Stay tuned... 

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