Thursday, October 30, 2014

Modern Plus Baby Quilt

I've currently got 2 projects going on, simultaneously.  In waiting for my fabric to be delivered so that I could commence working on them, I decided to use some of my stash, and make a modern plus quilt.  Using my stash makes Robot Husband very happy.  :)

I backed this in some pink Wee Wander.  Love.

I have quite a bit of pink solids, but I decided to use this Raspberry bold pink one to make the pluses. It stands out quite well with the Wee Wander print.

I also used the solid for the binding. I must say, this is my first time using a solid as binding!  I love it!

Robot Child #2 asked if this quilt was going to be hung up in the hospital. :)  She's so funny.  ♥


  1. I love your pink back with the red/white top. Lovely quilt. Congrats with this finnish!
    Love from Amsterdam

  2. love the plus quilt! I'm planning to make one myself! I never would have thought to use raspberry! It's awesome!

  3. I love this! Crisp and clean, and with Wee Wander? What's not to love??? I'm working on THREE Wee Wander quilts right now. Sigh. I love that fabric (can you tell?).

  4. what a lovely, simplistic quilt. I think it's awesome that you decided to back it with a very detailed fabric while staying in the same colour range. I love it! =)


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