Friday, August 29, 2014

10 Quilty Secrets

I'm sitting in bed, going through and reading blog posts airing out their dirty laundry of quilty secrets and I'm loving them all!! It's so liberating! Like flinging off your bra and announcing it to everyone...I'm free!!!! So, I wanna join in the fun.  I wanna be bra less so to speak. ;) Check out the beginning at 13 Spools and grab something delicious and enjoy.

1.  I promise to not be a fabric snob.  However, I have a major pet peeve with fabric designers and how they are so trendy, taking me back in time to high school and forcing my mom to buy me that $95 pair of Lucky jeans because I have high acceptance needs!!!  The fabric world is NO different folks. And now that I'm older and wiser, I have found I LIKE to not follow the trends and I prefer to actually buy what I love, not buy it for who designed it, and/or their label....even tho their last 3 lines have all looked the exact same, same color way, patterns, etc.  Where is the originality in that?  Ok... Deep. Breath.  Oh are we only on #1?  Moving on.

2.  I must hand sew binding on. MUST.  It's very therapeutic to me. I've attempted machine stitching it down and it gives me major anxiety.  I despised binding when I started quilting, now it's my favorite part of quilting.  And stripe-y bindings are the bomb!!!

3.  I live in my flip flops. Sometimes even in winter. I love them. I can only sew barefoot tho. And I usually will sew with one flip flop on, and one off...for the pedal.  I need to feel 'at one' with my sewing machine. Hahaha. Something like that.

4. Nothing warms my heart more, than to see my quilts being used and loved.  However, my kids (and husband!) are not allowed to touch quilts in the house. Unless the quilt is theirs of course. ;)

5.  Best Press.  Love it.  I can't iron without it, and I've been known to shut down all production if I run out...but now I have at least 3 bottles on backup. ;)  hey some people stock up on food supply, I stock up on sewing supplies...not that any of it could save us in the Zombie Apocalypse but hey, a lot could be weapons, I'm sure some Best Press shot in the eye wouldn't be pleasant. Pleasant smelling, yes.... I digress...

6.  I can't sew clothes.  Don't ask me to hem your pants or make your daughter a me, the Robot Children will attest to this and as to why they have no clothes or cute trendy swirly skirts sewn by their mother, who um, sews.  Yah, I suck at it....that is all. :(

7. I can't follow patterns. They confuse me more and it's easier for me to just figure it out.  Do you think this is like a pianist who can't read sheet music but plays by ear?  By all means, not trying to be boastful or braggy, because I find it quite a hindrance and it's actually extremely frustrating...and probably explains #6 a LOT.

8. I don't understand Batiks.

9.  I tend to do blogland trends/sew alongs on my own time, like a year or two after they are over.  It's the rebel in me.

10.  I refuse, absolutely refuse, to pre-wash fabrics...ever.  I need crisp, clean fabrics right off the bolt to work with. and I've never had an issue with not prewashing.  I do swear by Shout color catchers...they are A-mazing.

Thanks for stopping by and reading all my nonsensical ramblings.  If anything, don't take it too seriously, I don't. :)



  1. #3. I wish I would have put this one on my list. I always sew barefoot and never thought there was any other way until I took a class at Quiltcon. I guess since I am always barefoot in my house, it seems normal to be barefoot when I sew

  2. I like going to the different blogs and seeing some of the different outlooks on quilting. It is very liberating. I actually had some trouble narrowing it down to just the ten. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am SOOO with you on #2, 8, 9 and 10. And about #3 - I live in flip-flops, too, but keep them on when I sew. I do have a a miserable time with the sewing machine foot "traveling" all across the floor! I'm thinking of how to secure it in place. Have you heard of anyone else doing this? Am I nuts?

    This was fun to read; thanks for writing it!

  4. Love it, thanks for the laughs!

  5. # 3 I live in my flip fops too - but don't sew in them, as I don't use the foot pedal, I learned to love the little button right above my needle to start/stop stitching because my foot pedal keeps sewing after you take your foot off! Best press - yes! Sewing clothes - no, no, noooo (hemming etc)!!! Batiks - agreed. Patterns- nope, confuse me usually. Pre-wash - agreed, never! Hmmmm- we seem to have a lot in common here...However - I do like to machine stitch my bindings, just like the way it looks. Had fun reading your top 10!!!

  6. I never had a problem with unwashed fabrics til.... I became sensitive to the chemicals in processing. Then they all have to be washed, and I can't take a class because of all the unwashed pressing going on... it happens more often than you think.
    I enjoyed your style of writing. What's not to get with batiks?? They are painterly but then I'm an artist more than quilter.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  7. lol I agree with #1. I ordered some Cotton and Steel, and I really wanted to hate it because everyone is over the moon about it and I tend to not like what everyone likes. But I totally like it :( Also I never prewash either.


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