Monday, January 13, 2014

Busy January!

Well, I had this thought a while back, once Christmas is over, things will calm down.  Right?  We all think that, no?  Well, January is proving to be just as busy.  But that is good!  I love to stay busy.

I haven't posted much of late, but I have been busy making stuff.  Here are some sneak peeks.

Finishing this.
SUPER belated Christmas present. :(

Heart Pillow for V-day.  Tutorial coming soon - along with a matching 'LOVE' pillow. Stay tuned!

'Suck it, Cancer' quilt #2 for Amanda.  I love the reds in this.  Binding left to do, then completed.

Next up....
Have you heard about the TLP with Chezzetcook Quilts?  You know you have a hoard of quilting books on your shelf right?  You know you have maybe done a few of your favorites from those books, or dog-eared the ones you wanted to do, but you never did them.  Well Adrienne is starting a fantastic QAL to get us USING those books!  Making those quilts that we said we wanted to, then never did!  Yah, I've got a I'm in!!  Jumping in feet first people!  Check out her blog for info - starting on January 17th!
I can't wait...I have a LOT of dog-ears!  Narrowing them all down will be difficult!

Here is a list of quilts I've got planned, but haven't started:
  • Triangles - Demystifying the mystery of Triangles ;)
  • Heartthrob quilt
  • Ladybug quilt
  • Briar Rose quilt ♥

Question:  How do you all keep track of your projects or things you see that inspire you?  I've currently got a OneNote going with all my inspirations, tutorials and patterns...but I can't take that everywhere I, I'm not even sure if I can pull it up on my iPad.  That's about the extent of my tech-savvy self...I created the OneNote, have it all pretty, but then what? Haha.  Just curious how you all keep track of everything (besides Pinterest-I find it a little overwhelming at times).  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  

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  1. This is my problem...I don't keep track of those inspirations, tutorials and patterns. The patterns are in a box, or envelopes, or in a drawer, the tutorials are on my favorites list on my computer...please don't crash Ms. Computer!!! I really should get organized. I know I should, I will, right after the next few days...ha! ha!
    January has been crazy busy, and I don't see things slowing down for at least a year. Calgon, take me away!

  2. Thanks for the sneak peeks, I really like all of your projects! My husband swears by Evernote to keep all of his projects in order along with links to things. That can be accessed from anywhere (phone, ipad, computer, etc.). I mostly just use folders on my desktop. I create one for each project and then just dump any inspiration pics, patterns, etc. into it. I do use Pinterest as well to collect inspiration that doesn't have a specific plan. I also keep a small notebook of swatches that I take with me when venturing out for fabric :) After writing all of that, I don't feel like I am organized as much as I should be! haha. I'll have to check back and see what other ideas are out there. :)

  3. I keep track of my projects and ideas the old fashioned way, with a little note book that I carry around in my purse :)

  4. I have a million bookmarked ideas on my computer (ok, about 80), plus a little folder of .pdf patterns, but for my actual projects, I have a small notebook I keep in my sewing box. I've written a list through for January - March for 2014, even though it's a little unrealistic. : ) There is something about the old-fashioned approach to handwriting a list & crossing things off that I find satisfying. I find my thoughts more organized with that approach.

  5. Love your WIPs! I keep a hidden page on my blog that I list the quilts that I want to make and other projects. I also have a private Pinterest page.

  6. Such gorgeous projects, as always! Loving the Valentines ones especially and those snowballs are gorgeous :-) xx


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