Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2012 - See ya!

I'm pretty glad that 2012 is over.  I am hopeful that 2013 will be a great year.  Perhaps I am overly optimistic...but hey, better that than be a negative Nancy...or something. 

In the spirit of starting new and fresh, here is a picture collage of all the quilts I made in 2012.  I'm excited to start new adventures in quilting, and hopefully will have more to share for the last of 2013!

My family has had it's share of trials for 2012.   I had someone tell me to write positive uplifting quotes with a dry erase marker on my mirror, to start the day with a good outlook.    In my quest to find uplifting quotes, I came across information on the lotus flower.  The Buddhists believe that the lotus flower is a sign of spiritual awakening and regrowth. Amazingly, the lotus flower gets it start in the bottom of dirty and muddy water but manages to rise up out of the water and produce a perfect flower.   It rises up to the sun each morning, and is interestingly, clean and pure of the mud. 

I found this very interesting and this has helped me in a small way, get through some of our trials.  A simple story, a simple fact that had a big impact on me. I know that's cheesy, but hey - whatever works right?

Here is a quote that is my very favorite of all time and I try to live by it daily:

'Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions."  ` Dalai Lama

Anyway, here is to 2013!  Moving on!


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